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Sooo… I did a thing this summer… and became a certified Run Coach with FIT4MOM! Even in my wildest dreams, and fastest/fittest days, I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me I’d be a run coach one day. But here I am…

I’ve been running more on my own and really hit the sweet spot back in May. Everything just clicked again and my stride felt right, my pace got faster, my distance got longer and I enjoyed it all. There are still days where I don’t want to do it…. or there was a week after our Claytor Lake trip where my legs just felt like I had boulders attached to them (I swear it was from walking up and down the hill at the lake house). But I’ve pushed through and next week I am kicking off an 8-week training program for the Bull City 5-Miler (use code FIT4MOM for $5 off!).

Currently, I’m signed up for a 10k, a 5-miler, an 8k in March and the Tar Heel 10 Miler in April. I had to defer my Charlotte Half Marathon race to 2019 due to a scheduling conflict (it’s football season!) so I’m looking at the OBX Southern Fried Half to make up for it. I still really want to get in a half this year.

As I embark on this coaching journey, I wanted to share some running gear that I love and swear by:

  • Brooks running shoes: I currently have the Launch 4 and love the way they feel on my feet. Shoes are definitely unique to each person’s foot so I recommend going to a store like Fleet Feet and getting fitted (you can still buy online!)
  • Running shorts: these are my personal fave and seem to fit me better than other brands. Plus you can order on Amazon so that’s a win-win!
  • Nike Hat: it’s mesh and drifit and the white makes you stand out when you’re running!
  • Water Bottle: I can almost always be seen carrying my handheld water bottle when I run. The pocket is big enough for my phone and keys and the bottle holds the right amount of water to get me through a decent length run
  • Water Belt: for really long runs, I wear my water belt – it holds 20 oz of water and again, the pocket is big enough for my phone, a gel and my keys.
  • Compression sleeves: for long runs or hilly runs, I love these for helping my legs recover faster.
  • Running Gummies: I personally don’t like the consistency of gels, so I go with gummies. These are some of my favorites!
  • Goodr Sunglasses: these are the best sunglasses for running! Fun colors, only $25 and they don’t bounce or slip!
  • Light up vest: I was never a night time runner until I found my run club here in Chapel Hill and now Tuesday nights are my jam. But it’s really hard to see and be seen at night so this vest is great!
  • Running belt: If you’re going hands free and/or not taking water, a running belt is a great place to store your phone, ID, gummies, keys, etc. They don’t bounce around!
  • Bob Revolution Jogging Stroller: this has been my bestie since having Liam and was the one piece on my registry that I HAD to have!
  • Balega socks: they are a little pricey but worth it and definitely my favorite running socks!
  • Wireless headphones: I’ve been using these for almost 6 months now and have no complaints. They hold a charge for what seems like forever, the sound is great and they stay in my ears. I will say if I’m running alone and especially if I’m running alone in a new/unfamiliar place, I do not run with music. You should always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Foam Roller: this is such an amazing tool for working out your sore muscles! You can roll your whole body and it’s so worth it!
  • The stick: I have both a pointy one and a smooth one for rolling out my legs. It gets a little deeper in the muscles and you can get different angles than with the foam roller.
  • Epsom Salt: I get this 3-pack on the regular and I soak after most of my runs or HIIT workouts. After long races, I really love a good ice bath, but I know that’s not for everyone. I do 9 minutes of just my lower body in ice water and my legs seem to recover so much faster – but this is only when I get up into 10+ miles in distance. Otherwise, a nice warm bath with Epsom salt and a good book is my medicine!

Do you have favorite running gear I should try? Do you have a recommendation for a mid-November/early Dec. half that’s worth running (preferably in the Southeast)?

*This post contains affiliate links with Amazon. It doesn’t cost you anything but I get a small percentage if you buy anything I recommend. And I would never recommend anything that I don’t personally use and love!

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