End of Summer Beach Trip

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We visited the beach this past weekend to send Summer off in style! We’ve been several times before with L but this age was definitely the most fun. We let him play in the sand at the park in our neighborhood for several weeks ahead of time and talked lots about the beach so he was very excited by the time we arrived!


We were greeted by the most amazing sunset upon our arrival and a gorgeous sunrise the next morning with a rainbow coming straight out of the water!

He LOVED the sand and even that’s probably an understatement. He filled up buckets and trucks and dumped them. He crushed our “castles” and giggled hysterically each time. He ran around and wanted to hold our hands to walk through the sand.

But he did not want anything to do with the water. He screamed, even when we held him and he tried to grab our hands to prevent us from going in without him (future lifeguard??).

We visited the aquarium and they had dinosaurs on exhibit. They moved and made sounds and were absolutely fascinating. But according to L, they were “scary” which he repeatedly says whenever we mention anything about dinos. He loved the fish, turtles, sharks and the playground that had a big, tall slide.

I got in an amazing run while we were there – my fastest postpartum run yet (probably because it’s so flat) and felt great. My first two miles were at a 9:25 pace!

On Monday, we visited Fort Macon before heading home. It was super hot but didn’t seem to bother L as he ran around the grounds and told us about the canons. He promptly fell asleep the moment we buckled him in his car seat.


It was an incredible trip and so fun to see him exploring new places. I can’t wait to go back!

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