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After sharing my summer reading list on Instagram and that I was starting to get into podcasts, I got a few requests for podcasts I recommend. I’m finally getting around to sharing, so we’ll call this the (almost) Fall Podcast Review.


I don’t do a ton of driving (#workfromhomelife) but when I do, I try to listen to something that feels productive. Here are my top 10 podcasts (some with specific episode recommendations).

  1. Happier with Gretchen Rubin (I loved her books so naturally I love her podcast)
  2. Pod Save America (this one is political but super informative!)
  3. The Goal Digger (I love following Jenna on Instagram, too!)
  4. Respectful Parenting– Janet Lansbury (Ep: Working Mom Feels Like a Bad Parent)
  5. Coffee + Crumbs (great podcast on motherhood!)
  6. RISE Together podcast (Ep: 5 ways to show up for your partner – but all the episodes are great)
  7. Royally Obsessed (I mean, I AM obsessed with Harry & Meghan so I can’t get enough of this one!)
  8. Empowered Mama (Ep: My Battle with my Body)
  9. Simply Joyful (Ep. #052 Dana White, Decluttering Advice that will Work for Every Family)
  10. 20 Minute Fitness (These are short episodes for rides less than 25-30 minutes!)

And one bonus: Dax Shepherd’s Armchair Expert (I loved him on Parenthood and think his marriage with Kristen Bell is #goals)

And if you’re tech challenged like me (I actually texted Landon one day and asked “sooo… how does one listen to a podcast?”), here are the steps to getting started:

  • Go to the app store in your phone
  • Search for and download ‘Podcasts’ (it’s purple)
  • Once the app is on your phone, its super simple to search for and download podcasts
  • Once the podcast is downloaded, you can head off on a walk or drive and listen away (or listen while you do the dishes like L does)

I am not into the crime podcasts but there are tons of them if that’s your thing. I try to prevent doing things throughout the day that will give me nightmares.

I realize I am LATE to the podcast game so if you have recommendations for ones I should listen to, please leave a comment!


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