Fall Fun

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While I am sad (so sad) to see summer go, I will not miss the 90 degree days and 700% humidity that comes with it. Summer will always be my favorite season as it brings vacation, beach time, ice cream, pool days and so much outside time.

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But, I love the comfort of fall. I love soups and chili. I love sweaters and boots. I love the smell of pumpkin muffins (or pancakes) and the tastes of Thanksgiving. I love running on crisp fall mornings and hikes to see the changing colors of the leaves. This fall is going to be extra special as we’re at such a fun age with L that we can do ALL THE THINGS! I love his enthusiasm for each new thing he sees or does and it makes me want to pack our weekends full of fun activities so I can watch him smile for 48 hours straight.

I followed Emily Ayer Thomas‘ lead and created a Fall Fun List for our family. While I feel like our fall weekends booked up really quickly (before it even arrived), I want to make sure we reserve time for our family to enjoy this season.


Many of the activities are already planned such as our train ride at the Pumpkin Patch Express at Museum of Life & Science in Durham, trick-or-treating as a family (although we’ve yet to decide on costumes because L says “no” to everything), the two VT games (Go Hokies!), seeing Hamilton (still in disbelief that we actually got tickets!), celebrating Thanksgiving and running the Gallop & Gorge 8k that morning.

We’ll fit the other activities in over the next few months and make a ton of memories along the way. We checked a few off this past weekend by visiting Phillips Farm in CaryPhillips Farm in Cary. We had so much fun (even though we were awfully sweaty for October!) riding the train and the wagon pulled by a tractor, sitting on a different tractor, playing in corn, pretending to milk the cow and so much more. L tried popcorn and a sno-cone for the first time. He is obsessed with trains and tractors right now and loves “punkins.”

In addition to all the fun, I have a few goals for the next few months. Simple things but by writing things down, you become 42% more likely to achieve them (according to a study by Dr. Gail Matthews at Dominican University).

  • Cut back on sugar + food journal through the end of the year: I’ve looked into intermittent fasting and carb cycling but hate the idea of paying that much attention to what I eat. However, I know I need to “reset” as I’ve plateaued with my progress despite running so much more regularly.
  • Use all of my face creams and serums regularly: I only use items that are toxin free and don’t test on animals, but I do notice a difference when I use them regularly. Sometimes (#momlife), I’m just too tired to bother. Also, I need to remember to add my Vital Proteins Collagen Powder to my coffee when I’m not including it in a smoothie.
  • Read at least 2 books a month: I love reading and have really been enjoying spending more time doing it lately after a long time away from it when L was tiny. Currently reading China Rich Girlfriend in follow up to Crazy Rich Asians.
  • Finalize our Ireland photo album: L is starting to love looking through our albums so I want to make one for him to remember this trip by (I still have to catch up on Greece and Italy from 2016 but one thing at a time!)
  • Blog more regularly: I have had a lot going on with work so I’m ready to be off of my computer for good each day when I shut down but my plan is to get at least one post up a week. I’d love to hear your suggestions but here are some topics I’m planning:
    • Toxic Free Products
    • Fall wardrobe
    • Recap of Bull City 5-Mile Race
    • Fall reading list
    • Holiday Wish Lists for the whole family

What’s on your fall fun list?

Have you done intermittent fasting/carb cycling?

Any blog topic suggestions?


This post contains some affiliate links. They don’t cost you anything but give me a tiny amount if you choose to purchase the items I’ve linked.

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