Holiday Gift Guide – Toddler Edition

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Can you believe we are SIX weeks away from Christmas? I’m struggling to figure out where the year went. But, the holidays are almost here whether I like it or not, so I figure I better start planning!

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I’ve said it about a million times before, but it’s worth saying again: quality over quantity! I’d love to also say experiences over gifts but I know how much my family loves to give material gifts so it’s worth providing a list. However, we’d much rather something he can play with for a longer period of time versus cheap plastic items he’ll grow tired of in a couple days. And there’s no need to grab “extras” to make a gift add up to a certain amount or even out across all the kids. I can promise he will be happy with WHATEVER he gets. And fortunately for us, L also prefers his wooden toys and vehicles that he can push around to things with lights and sounds. The book Simplicity Parenting does a great job of explaining this philosophy!

I’ll definitely be on the hunt for deals and will share when I find them. And you know I love the convenience of Amazon so *most* of my recommendations will come from there – complete with FREE 2-day shipping!

Here are my 10 favorite items for toddlers that are good for boys or girls:


  1. Cozy Coupe Dino (on sale for $53!!) – I WISH I had known this existed before we got his classic red cozy coupe… such a good deal for something that has provided so much entertainment!
  2. Melissa & Doug Wooden Bus ($18) – I had a coupon so I went ahead and got this for L. He is SUPER into vehicles (still) and loves the Wheels on the Bus song
  3. Numbers ($12) and Alphabet ($12) Puzzles – we have been practicing counting to 10 and singing our ABCs so I know these will only help him with perfecting those!
  4. Doctor kit ($13): it is so fun watching a little one’s imagination at work… I know he’ll have fun play pretending to be a doctor with this set! And LOVE that it has a bag to contain the pieces!
  5. Wooden train set ($35): The options for train sets are endless. In the past 2 months, L has become OBSESSED with trains. I have collected a few plastic Thomas ones from around the neighborhood and our neighbor gave us the start of a wooden one but I want to give him options to be creative and expand the tracks. (Associated gifts: Train Table and MLS Membership where he can RIDE a train!)
  6. toddler2
  7. I Spy game ($8): We read Giraffe’s can’t dance every night, sing Baby Shark every day, make sounds like farm animals non-stop… so I think this game will be a hit!
  8. Power Wheels Jeep ($149): This is the least expensive of the power wheels vehicles that I’ve found and it goes slightly faster than his Lightning McQueen car so I think he’ll like it. It will likely be our “big” gift to him. He also really loves looking at this one but it goes faster and is more expensive so I doubt it’ll be under the tree.
  9. Kitchen: I love this space saving kitchen and after seeing L play with one at the museum the other day, I think he might enjoy it, too. It also comes with some accessories which is fun and we already have play food to add to it!
  10. Take apart plane ($17): We’re v. into planes in this house (especially since mommy has been getting on one every other week for 3 months!) and this one will be so fun to take apart and put back together.
  11. Cleaning toys ($25):  I always have a little helper when I’m vacuuming and he loves dragging things across the floor. I have no doubt he’ll have fun “cleaning” with these.

Books (all under $10!) that are on L’s Christmas list:

  1. Solar System book
  2. Goodnight Baby Jesus
  3. Where do trains sleep at night? 
  4. Peas on Earth 
  5. Red Wagon 
  6. Be Brave Little One 
  7. Backyard Bugs
  8. Rocket Science for Babies
  9. If I were a doctor (pairs really well with the doctor kit!)
  10. We’re Different, We’re the same

Bonus: This Little book collection ($21 for 4 books!)

I am also obsessing over this more accurate version of a nativity scene from Etsy and this advent calendar that doesn’t give cheap trinkets or candy!

These gifts are all excellent for independent play, teaching little ones a thing a thing or two, and encouraging them to use their imaginations. Happy shopping!

*some items linked here are through the amazon associates program and will direct you straight to the product. If you decide to purchase, I’ll get a small reward. Thanks for helping keep my blog alive 🙂 

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