Black Friday Gift Guide

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I’m just waking up from my tryptophan coma after a delicious Thanksgiving. It’s Black Friday and instead of fighting crowds at the stores, I’ve done all of my shopping from my phone and got to spend the morning at the children’s museum with my little one. If you hate crowds as much as I do, this gift guide is for you!

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For women:

Women's Gift Guide

  1. Bluetooth headphones: (Under $30) If she runs, takes long walks or uses public transportation, these are fantastic! I sadly left mine in a hotel room in Boston but before that had chosen to use them over these Bose headphones that I got from work. They are comparable in quality but MUCH more reasonable in price. I highly recommend them!
  2. Bath Bombs: (under $25!) You can’t go wrong with this as a gift. I routinely buy this exact set for myself and LOVE it. They smell fantastic and are tiny little works of art. Great for a gift exchange game, too! (Also, cruelty and toxin free!)
  3. Revlon One Step Dry & Volumizer: (Under $50) This is on my own wish list this year after many friends in the neighborhood raving about it’s miracle working powers. As a mom, I’m always looking for ways to save time with getting ready and this promises just that!
  4. J Crew Coat: (Under $100) I’ve been stalking this coat for months now. It’s actually cheaper on J Crew’s website ($98) but I love through Amazon you can use Prime Wardrobe and try on before purchasing. That Sparkling Sea color is dreamy and reminds me of the coat Meghan Markle wore for the Hub Community Kitchen book announcement lunch.
  5. FitBit Versa: (Under $150) I loved my FitBit for years (recently switched to a Garmin but this was my runner up!). These trackers not only track your steps but are great for tracking other exercise, receiving texts, monitoring your heart rate and more.

For men:

Men's Gift Guide

  1. Decanter with glasses: ($49!) I love this globe style decanter that would look great in an office or bar in your home – even more perfect if he’s a world traveler!
  2. Homeowners Toolkit: ($34!) Great toolkit for a new homeowner or if you know they don’t have the basics already laying around.
  3. Sonos Speaker: (on sale for $174!) We LOVE our Sonos speaker and use it daily  while we have family dance parties or to have music while we clean up after dinner.
  4. Croquet Set: ($28) How fun is this for entertaining? A classic game that’s worth bringing back and can work in any backyard. Plus, only $28!! Also great for a gift exchange game!
  5. Stainless Steel Fire Pit: (on sale $299!) Ok, sure, it’s the highest ticket item on the list but it is INCREDIBLE! It produces less smoke and burns more completely – perfect for a neighborhood like ours where the houses are close together (and also if you don’t want to go inside smelling like smoke!). This is a gift that will last for years!


For toddlers:

Toddler Gift Guide

I already blogged about things for toddlers but here are a few more including a few Black Friday specials!

  1. Basketball goal: great for little ones and grows with them! L tells us that he is a “basketball boy” and asks to play every night before bed!
  2. ABC writing pad: (less than $10!) A washable and reusable writing pad to help kids learn to write their ABCs. Provides tons of entertainment in the car or on planes while teaching them something – a win-win!
  3. Ride on toy: one of L’s grandmas is gifting him a ride on excavator for Christmas. He is going to lose his mind – and probably drive us crazy, too — but it’ll be worth it to see his smile when he opens this.
  4. Graco carseat: We have this exact seat for L and it works great in both of our cars. Huge sale today!
  5. MegaBloks: I was going to get him a smaller set but this one has 70 more pieces for only $4 dollars more, so naturally I clicked “add to cart” as fast as I could.

Grandparent’s Gifts:

Grandparents Gift Guide

  1. 23andMe DNA kit: This will be great for grandparent’s to trace their genealogy and also great for families to have later on! On sale for $100 off today!
  2. Hub Community Kitchen Book: Great for trying out new recipes from lots of different cultures.
  3. Shark ION Robot Vacuum: Save the g’parents some time cleaning (especially if the children make a mess at their house) with this gem of a gift! On SUPER sale today!
  4. Carry-on suitcase: Would be super cute for a traveling grandparent with a note that says “come visit me!” Also good for anyone in your life who travels and on major sale today (this is on my personal wish list for 2018!)
  5. Toms Slippers for g’ma and g’dad: I love Toms (even more with their recent donation to help end gun violence #takeallmymoney) and everyone needs slippers. These are great for in and out of the house since they have real bottoms that won’t get soggy if you run out to the mailbox.

Household gifts:

Home gift guide

  1. Instant Pot: Run, don’t walk, the Instant Pot is on sale today! I shared my cranberry sauce instant pot experience on Wednesday in my instagram stories. It took 10 minutes and was declared delicious by everyone on Thursday. I highly recommend grabbing one of these if you want to make life easier! (Bigger version here, also on sale!)
  2. Single Serve Coffee Maker: We switched to this earlier this year and haven’t looked back. You don’t need pods like a Keurig (less waste!) and don’t have to worry about water getting stagnant in it either. You also waste less than if you were to make a pot every morning. It’s a great invention and less than $35!
  3. Pineapple diffuser: How cute is this? If I didn’t already have a diffuser, I’d get this one. This is the perfect gift for a housewarming, a teen, a new girlfriend brought home by your child, or for a friend! Also good for gift exchange games!
  4. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree: Might be hard to wrap but I’ve been on the hunt for one of these for a while locally with no luck. This one is a great price and perfect for a plant lover!
  5. iRobot Roomba Vacuum: Everyone needs one of these patrolling their house, right? On sale today for under $200 (what a steal!) and guaranteed to save you time.

Blogs with ideas for gift giving for new moms and babies!

What’s on your wish list this year??



*Some links are affiliate links through Amazon’s Associates program. If you choose to purchase the item, I will receive a small commission – but it doesn’t cost you anything just helps keep the blog alive for another day!

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