Happy (Cyber) Monday!

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We have somewhere around 50% of our shopping done now and a running list of gifts left to purchase. You guys loved my Prime Day posts so I’m back with deals for Cyber Monday… mostly Amazon because we’re besties but also a few other sites that are worth checking out.

Before we jump in, let’s talk cash back. eBates gives you cash back when you shop! For instance, J Crew Factory had 10% cash back this weekend which was just extra savings on top of their 50% off sale. If you’re NOT using eBates, here’s a link to sign up and start saving today. 

Kendra Scott is having a great sale today if you’re looking for jewelry (no code needed); also Erin McDermott Jewelry has a special going for 50% off her triple strand necklace- a great small business option if you forgot to shop on Saturday!

LOFT has 50% off today and FREE shipping (plus 8% cash back on eBates!) and Gap has 50% off and 10% cash back on eBates!

If you have littles, Carters is having a great sale + 6% cash back on eBates. (Code: cyber) 

Ok, so here we go with 20 Amazon Cyber Monday Deals You Need (or can gift this holiday season):

  1. Ancestry DNA Kit: did you miss the 23andMe kit the other day? This one is on killer sale for $50! Great gift for parents or grandparents!
  2. Amazon Firestick with Alexa voice control: $34.99 – I use Netflix and Hulu like it’s my job and love having one of these little guys to travel with!
  3. Carry on Cocktail Kit: ($17) What a great stocking stuffer or gift for a traveler! These are TSA approved and give you what you need to craft the perfect cocktail while at 30k feet!
  4. Garmin Forerunner 35: YOU GUYS! This is my watch and I LOVE it! It tracks my steps, my runs (distance, pace, time, route), my heart rate, sends me texts and notifications and it looks classy enough to wear 24/7. This is $60 off! Run, don’t walk!
  5. BaByliss Pro Straightner: Everyone looooooves this for their hair. #1 recommended product and it is on major sale today. If you’re in the market for a new straightner, this is IT.
  6. Digital Frame with wifi upload: Have a parent or grandparent that lives far away? This is a great way to send them new photos each week by simply uploading right from your phone! On sale for $160 today!
  7. Reusable Straws: (Under $10!) We just had “shimmies” (smoothies) this morning and we LOVE these bright colored straws that come with their own cleaners. A great way to excite the kids and save the environment!
  8. Bentgo Bento Box: If you’re wanting to spruce up your kid’s lunch (or if they don’t want their food to touch!) this is a great lunch box. Super high quality and mom approved!
  9. Espressso/Cappucino maker: $65! Have a coffee lover in your life? Or someone who is just a little bit extra? This would make a great gift for them or a new mom!
  10. Canon Camera: WHOA! $350 off today! I’ve been eyeing new SLR cameras for a few years but haven’t pulled the trigger because $$$ but I love taking quality photos of my family – especially now as a mom. This is an INCREDIBLE deal! I have a birthday in January if anyone wants to make that dream come true, haha!
  11. Sharpies: (Under $10) Great teacher gift or stocking stuffer! I love writing with these sharpies – they help make boring work notes a little more fun!
  12. Jenga: (Under $10) A great game for kids and families! It’s recommended for 6 and up but you could probably start a little younger, or at least let them build things with the blocks. Bonus: no plastic, lights or music!
  13. Kindle Fire Kids edition: If you’re a traveling family or your kid is really into watching things, this could be for you! Pro tip: Get at least the 32 GB so it doesn’t fill up too fast with apps/games.
  14. One Line a Day Journal: ($10) I cannot tell you how much I LOVE these journals. I have a smaller one that I’ve been keeping for L and I got Landon one earlier this year. A great way to keep memories and pass down to your kids one day.
  15. Ninja Blender: We got this right before we had L and are SO happy with it. We use it nearly daily and it’s so easy and also easy to clean up. It fits neatly in a cabinet so it’s not out on the counter 24/7. If you like smoothies (or make popsicles for your kids) this is for you!
  16. Shark Vacuum: ($150 off today!) Sorry, not sorry, I’m not a Dyson gal. We LOVE our Shark vacuums and couldn’t be happier with how this one handles dog hair from both of our CONSTANTLY SHEDDING LABS. It also has a hand-held part that you can clean crumbs out of the couch with or hair off of the stairs. Works miracles, I tell ya!
  17. Diapers ($23 off!!): Do you have a baby? RUNNNN! These are $23 off today for 222 diapers. What a steal!
  18. Nativity Scene Advent Calendar: $10 off today. So cute and a treasure for years to come. I LOVED the fabric one we had as a kid and definitely want to pass one down to L.
  19. Carry-on luggage: this is on my wishlist this year with all the travel I’ve done in 2018, my bag has gotten pretty beat up. This is a steal!
  20. Record Player: ($100) If you have a music lover in your life, this is a great present for them! We love having family dance parties and L really likes to push all of his daddy’s records to the back of the shelf (LOL). $30 off today!

What are you scooping up today? Best deal you’ve found so far? I’m doing my best to only shop for others but some of these specials are soooo tempting! Happy (cyber) Monday!

*Amazon links are affiliate links and I receive a small commission if you decide to purchase the product. It doesn’t cost you anything and requires no extra steps! Thanks for helping keep my blog alive!

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