Why I picked the Garmin Forerunner 35

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After I ran the Bull City 5-Miler in October, I decided to upgrade my running watch. I got my first running watch in 2011 and it was hands down the best (material) gift I’ve ever gotten (I’d still pick having a baby 6 days before my birthday or a surprise trip to an island any day!).

Landon got me the Garmin Forerunner 305 and it was incredible and helped me up my running game during fastest running years. I LOVED that watch and used it until it died. Of course, at the point it died, I was not running as far, fast or often as I had been and didn’t immediately jump to get a new one. Landon also bought me my second running watch, which was the most basic and exactly what I needed at that stage: the Garmin 15.

I used this lightly over the last 3 years to keep track of my runs and check my pace. It wasn’t heavy on the features like the 305 and I really didn’t care to explore the features it had. When I started thinking about my next watch, I knew I wanted something with more features because I’m ready to push myself again. I’m super excited for the upcoming NYC marathon and to watch Des Linden and Allie Keiffer.

Features I knew I wanted in a watch: 

  • Notifications: I need to know if Landon / babysitter is texting me when I’m out running
  • Pace/Distance/GPS tracking: these are standard on ”running” watches but also a must on my list
  • Smart Connect: I need something that shares info to my phone without me having to connect the watch to my computer first
  • Interval and a virtual pacer: my first watch had these and I wanted them again to help with speed work and holding my pace against the virtual pacer
  • Sleep and step tracking: I want to know how many steps I take each day and I want to know how well I’m sleeping – having it all on my watch makes it easy!
  • Heart rate monitor: my last 2 watches didn’t have this without attaching a monitor around my chest (and I’d only do that when running), having it on my wrist is super helpful.

Nice to have features: 

  • Weather: having access to the weather on my watch makes knowing when it’s time to turn back home a lot easier than digging out my phone to check. I got stuck in a torrential downpour (with the stroller!) a few months ago and had to call Landon to come pick us up!
  • Alarm: being able to set alarms on my watch is great because it’s a much gentler wake up than the blaring iPhone alarm.

I landed on the Garmin Forerunner 35. It has that Apple watch look but with the technology I was looking for in a running watch (and a much lower price point).

So far, I am LOVING this watch. It is easy to use, stays charged, and does a great job of tracking all the parts of my life I wanted. I can’t recommend it enough, especially if you’re looking for something to help push you just a little bit more in your running.


This isn’t watch related but since it is getting dark earlier and earlier now, I recently discovered these little lights and they work wonderfully! I bought two and attach one to my shoe so I can see where I’m stepping and one to my hat so I can see ahead and cars/runners/walkers can all see me coming. Definitely recommend upping your reflective gear/light up game this time of year! Click here to see all of my running gear recommendations!

*This blog contains some affiliate links which direct you right to the product and give me a tiny bonus if you decide to purchase. It doesn’t cost you anything and helps me keep the blog alive!

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