My 6 week challenge

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I signed up for the FASTer Way to Fat Loss on 12/31 so that I can really focus on my nutrition at the start of the year. I previously had the luck of metabolism that let me eat whatever I wanted (like that 22-year old diet of buffalo wings, ice cream and chips & salsa AS A SNACK!) and then running it off. I’m not sure if it was getting older, having a kid or a combo of both but I am no longer that lucky. Despite increasing my workouts and running over the past year, I am still not back to “me” and I’m committed to getting there in 2019. I’m giving myself these 6 weeks to focus on myself, my nutrition and my health.


So, what IS the FWTFL program? You count macros on the program and rotate through low carb, low macro and regular macro days each week in combination with intermittent fasting. Did I lose you yet? Ha. It took me a while to understand, too! I followed Erin of Attention to Darling on her journey and went back and forth on whether or not I’d be able to do it. I have never been good at counting anything…. I do a lot of guesswork on what I’m eating but also, I tend to lean mostly towards healthier foods. What I’m learning though, is that I was eating far too large portions of food and not getting enough protein!

My daily goals on the program look like this:

weekly schedule

As you can see, I’m not starving myself. Each day, I strive to eat a certain amount of protein, fat and carbs to reach my goal. These are all calculated when you begin the program – so your calories each day may be higher or lower than mine based on your goal but the days would look the same. You don’t have to cut out any foods or restrict yourself – my coach, Kristen, even suggested that I eat popcorn one evening to reach my carb goal!


So, what is intermittent fasting? It’s really not “fasting” in the traditional sense, as much as delaying breakfast. The goal is to not eat for 16 hours and then do all of your eating in an 8 hour window. This has probably been the hardest part for me since I LOVE breakfast. As in, I cook a hot breakfast of 2 over easy eggs smothered in Texas Pete with a side of avocado and an apple EVERY DAY. I have to delay eating until 11 AM and then get all of my carbs, fat and protein in by 7 PM. No late night snacking!


There are also workouts with the program but the main focus is definitely nutrition. Everyone I’ve seen do the program has had incredible results. I’m just in the prep week right now (so the program is actually 7 weeks long!) but I’m feeling good and so motivated. I haven’t done a ton of running as I’ve been acclimating to the window of eating (and it has been raining all week) but I’m doing my FWTFL workout and enjoying them. They’re relatively quick with options for home or gym, depending on your preference.

Here are a few things I’ve been keeping on hand all week. I’m heading to Trader Joe’s to stock up for my first official week.

You’re not allowed to weigh yourself on the program so I won’t be providing updates until February when the program ends and then I’ll share some photos and a comprehensive review. The next round starts on January 14th. My coach is Kristen Mills. If you want to sign up, here’s a link and you’ll get the full program guide, learn how to calculate your macros and be added into a community where you check in daily and get tons of meal ideas and support from fellow FWTFLers.

Cheers to a new year and a better me!


*some links are affiliate links. I will get a small commission if you choose to purchase the products mention (by small, I mean tiny!).


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