My FAQ on FASTer Way to Fat Loss


UPDATE: I lost 8 lbs and 10 inches in my first round of FASTer Way to Fat Loss! I did a terrible job of following the FWTFL workouts and did more of my own running/Peleton/strength workouts. I started my 2nd round on 4/8 and am committed to doing all the workouts this time around in hopes of doubling my results. Pics to follow round 2!

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I’ve been pretty open about starting FASTer Way to Fat Loss this year (since announcing I was starting 3 weeks ago) and have gotten a ton of questions from folks. I will answer them but want to caveat it first with the fact that I am not a coach for FASTer Way to Fat Loss and I’m not in anyway associated with the company. This is my personal experience and my answers to your questions.

  1. Have you noticed any results? YES! I’m just starting my 3rd week and my jeans are already BAGGY — even immediately after drying them they were baggy and loose in the waist. You’re not supposed to weigh yourself on the program so I can’t report out on that yet but my goal is to drop 15 lbs during this 6 weeks. I did take measurements at the start of week 3 and have lost 5.5 inches!!
  2. Can you drink alcohol? YES! I am not a big drinker but have had several beers and mimosas since starting the program. You just count them into your macros (mostly carbs) and that’s that.
  3. Is there a list of things you can/can’t eat? No. There are lists to help you know what to eat to get in the right macros but what I LOVE about the program is it isn’t restrictive. I don’t have to make special meals or cut out carbs from my diet. I’ve done Whole30 and while I had success on the program, I didn’t like cutting out grains or legumes. I could never make Keto work because of the limited carbs. On FWTFL, even on your low carb day, you’re still getting a TON of carbs!
  4. Do you just go straight to lunch? Nope! I still have breakfast, just later in the morning. It’s recommended that you break your fast with eggs, so I usually do. Or if I’m going to be in a call / not at home to make my eggs, I’ll drink an Orgain Clean Protein Shake. I then have lunch about 1-2 hours later, get in plenty of snacks and dinner around 6.
  5. Is intermittent fasting hard? Not as hard as I thought it would be! I was so nervous about not eating breakfast when I first wake up but I’ve adjusted quite well. I still have eggs and avocado every day, just not until sometime between 11-12 now. Coffee tides me over until then. I had one REALLY hard day and I just couldn’t make it. But… I still stayed in my macros for the day and it was fine. It didn’t ruin anything for me. I got back on track the next day. My results are still happening.
  6. Can you still work out? YES, YES, YES! The program actually comes with workouts for either the gym or home (and even one for beginners) and I’ve combined those with using my Peleton and running. The workouts are quick and effective and paired with the macros you’re consuming for the day.
  7. Does your family eat the same food? YEP! Nothing I’ve made has been just for me — though I would have liked to have kept my chocolate mousse to myself! Here are some of the meals we’ve had over the past few weeks and LOVED:
    Sausage & Quinoa Stuffed Peppers
    Thai Turkey Lettuce Wraps
    Honey Lime Sriracha Chicken (with a side of quinoa/brown rice and some green veggie)
  8. Can you eat at restaurants? YES! You just have to account for the macros so I try to get simpler foods like salads or a burger so I can be more exact with my macros.
  9. How do you track macros? My Fitness Pal! It does it all for you. So many foods that you already eat are in there so you’re not having to calculate anything. I’ve had to add a few but I just use the packaging and input the numbers and then I’m all set.
  10. What does your coach do? We have a group that we check in every day. We post a screen shot of our macros for the day for accountability and our coach will chime in if we need to get in more of something and make suggestions on how (like eat popcorn for carbs or try a high-fat mousse or red meat on your low carb day!).

Here’s a photo of my actual breakfast this morning. It’s low carb day, so you up the fat in what you eat. It was a little hard for me in the beginning to “trust the process” and eat so much fat — or even so many carbs on my regular macro days but I can tell it’s working and now my competitive side has taken over and I want to use up every last macro each day.

Here’s a screen shot from My Fitness Pal once I entered in my breakfast. The numbers at the top are what I have left to eat today before 7 pm.


The next round starts February 4th. I watched 2 people go through the program before I joined and my only regret is not starting it earlier. This was exactly the motivation I needed and the right program for me. It isn’t restrictive, I don’t feel deprived and I’m getting the right amount of guidance. I’m so excited to see my results on 2/18! If you want to get started on February 4, click here to sign upo and if you want the same coach as me, put Kris Mills in the coach line.

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    1. Yes! Get in our group – it is such a supportive and encouraging group with AMAZING meal ideas. We are loving all of the new recipes! Use the link in the post and request Kristen Mills as your coach. You won’t regret it! Hope to see you in our group soon and good luck!


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