What I’m Loving Now – January 2019

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My friend Hannah told me I needed to do a round up of all my must-haves on Amazon, so here it is!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Everything I am loving right now and would highly recommend you have shipped to your doorstep in the next 2 days.

  1. RBX Active Sweater: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shirt so much that I have it in 3 colors. I really love the RBX brand (it’s Reebok!) but this shirt is my absolute favorite. (light grey) I got a medium and it fits perfect!
  2. iPhone Charging Cord (6 ft!): This is great (especially if you’re sitting around with a newborn)
  3. The Cute Things You Said memory book: Such a great way to capture all the adorable things our baby says (like how he calls Mr. Potato Head ‘Mashed Potato’)
  4. 90 Degree by Reflex pants — capris and full length: These are the best for working out. They are high rise and stay put! I wear a medium in these for size reference.
  5. Car Seat Protector: the seats in my car are a light grey and my tiny human was getting them very dirty with his shoes – here is the solution!
  6. Twinlab Nightly One Caps: These are a multivitamin and melatonin rolled into one! I was a little nervous taking it at first — as I’m a pretty deep sleeper anyway — but they’ve helped me get to sleep faster and stay asleep, plus multi vitamin! I’ve been taking them since November and now have them as part of my Amazon subscription!
  7. Wooden Cotten Swabs (Q tips!): I love when I find products that don’t pollute the environment. These were an easy switch to make from regular Q Tips. ]
  8. Dr. Scholls Sneakers: I have lived in these since like August. They are so comfy and even keep my feet warm in the winter. Don’t hate on Dr. Scholls, I will always pick comfort over beauty — but I think these look pretty cute too!
  9. Letter Board: I used this for each of L’s monthly pics this past year and it was so fun! I love how creative you can be with it! Also really fun for holidays or events!
  10. Gallery Wall set: I have always loved photos but felt an overwhelming need to get pictures printed and on the walls once we had a baby instead of leaving them on the computer/disk/phone/etc. This set was so easy and came with a map to help you hang them (evenly) on the wall. It’s in my office and I love looking at it every day!

I probably have a million more things I could share and recommend — especially if you have a 2 year old boy — but I’ll stop at 10. Maybe I can make a goal for myself to share this stuff monthly. Let me know if YOU have anything I should add to my list.

And as always, I would only recommend items that I’ve tried and loved. Some of these links are affiliate links and I may receive a teeny, tiny commission if you decide to purchase the item (usually a few cents!) but I appreciate it and it helps me cover the yearly fee for my blog.

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