Travel diaries: Pura Vida

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We just returned from a week in Costa Rica and let me tell you — it was incredible!

This was different than almost all of our other trips we’ve taken in 10 years since we chose to do an all-inclusive resort. Normally we love exploring a new country and checking out all the restaurants but with a toddler in tow, we thought having food access 24/7 would be easier.

My mom also accompanied us on the trip. She was a tremendous help and L loves her so much. They had a great time together.

The flight there was wonderful. He fell asleep right after take off and slept almost the entire time. Customs was relatively easy in CR. We had pre-arranged a ride from the airport to our resort. Easy peasy! The only bad part for me was that we had to forward face the car seat and my plan is absolutely to keep L rear facing until he exceeds the height or weight limit.

Our highlights included seeing howler monkeys on our resort multiple times, walking down the beach early one morning to see white-face monkeys, seeing huge iguanas on the beach, exotic birds, enormous waves on the beach, watching beautiful sunsets, splashing in the incredible pool at the resort and RELAXING.

L’s highlights were trucks, rocks, “wizards”, mint ice cream, bus rides, strawberry daiquiris (virgin, of course!), watermelon, the pool and running around the grounds.

We spent one morning at Diamanté Eco Adventure Park which is an animal sanctuary (and zip line) directly beside of the resort. The view was incredible and seeing the animals so closely was great. we got to watch sloths eat and I squealed the whole time. L’s favorite part was the 4 bus rides 😂 but I think he enjoyed the animals too. He told me about the Jaguars later that night. He also really loved the butterfly room and thought the doors were like a car wash.

Landon enjoyed getting up early (5 am) and walking the grounds while we caught a few more z’s in the room. We easily got 10k steps a day on the trip, usually 15k and a few days 20k.

We unfortunately didn’t do any excursions other than the animal sanctuary. It got very windy for a few days and made the water murky so they didn’t run any snorkeling tours. We talked about doing a rainforest tour, but it was a 90 minute drive from where we were in Guanacaste and I was hesitant to leave L with my mom all day. Not because I don’t think she’s capable but because he’s fast and exhausting and she only has the use of one arm right now. We also considered a bus tour given how much L loved the bus but ended up just spending our days in the pool swimming and kicking and splashing and soaking up all the goodness of our much needed vacation.

I’ll share another post with a full review of the resort but I must say, this was one of my FAVORITE trips ever.

I’m so glad that we went and my mom was able to go, too. Traveling with a toddler isn’t always the easiest but is 100% worth it. I loved experiencing Costa Rica through his eyes. We made so many beautiful memories and were able to come back rejuvenated after a week away.

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