Book Club Update – April

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In January, I shared a list of books I planned to read in 2019. Here’s an update on what I’ve read and a few new books I’m adding to the list.

  1. One Day in December loved this one! Reminded me a bit of the book/movie Something Borrowed.
  2. Ghosted I thought I had this one figured out but the end surprised me!
  3. The Proposal – a super easy and fun read! The characters were hilarious and relatable and I also loved that the main characters were black and Hispanic in this one (ordered during Black History Month)
  4. Forever is the Worst Long Time (on sale for under $8!) – I thought this would be a good beach read in Costa Rica but it was actually quite heavy and had me sobbing at the end and being more grateful than ever for my sweet family. It’s a wonderful book but be prepared to have your heart hurt a little bit!
  5. The Other Woman — I devoured this in one day! Total twist at the end!
  6. How to walk away– This one immediately got me worked up over my newfound anxiety with flying but is such a good read!
  7. Nine Perfect Strangers I LOVE, love, LOVE Liane Moriarty’s writing! I have had a hard time getting into this one for some reason… slow beginning but I’ll keep at it.

Books on my nightstand (which doubles as a bookshelf 😂). My goal is 2 books a month — though I can usually get in an extra one if I’m traveling and have flights I can read on. 

  1. Becoming Michelle Obama (not only is this the #1 book on Amazon, but she was just named the most admired woman for 2018)
  2. My Oxford Year (on sale for $10)
  3. Educated 
  4. Where the Crawdads Sing 
  5. Something in the Water (this isn’t a new book but one I definitely want to read!)
  6. Everything I Never Told You
  7. And Then You Loved Me
  8. Girl Last Seen (on sale for under $10)
  9. The Wedding Date
  10. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
  11. The Good Widow
  12. The Storyteller’s Secret
  13. My Husband’s Wife
  14. How Women Rise (I got to hear the author speak recently and immediately purchased the book)

I recently read an article that said Boston Marathon champ, Des Linden has a goal to read 4 books a month! That seems insane to me in this stage of life (but also in her stage of running 100 miles a week!). I’m okay with my goal of 2… I love losing myself in a good book. Any recommendations to add to this (ever-growing) list? 


*I use affiliate links and will receive a small commission if you choose to purchase the product. It doesn’t cost you anything and goes straight into helping keep my blog alive by paying the yearly fee!

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