Weekend Wrap Up – April 12-14

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared an update (also seems like it’s been a while since we’ve had a quiet weekend at home!).

It rained A LOT this past week and weekend but we got outside every chance we could to soak up the sun and burn off some energy (like hill sprints for this guy!).

When he’s not running outside, he’s running inside and begging his daddy to run with him. He made this fun mask at farm class on Tuesday and enjoyed running around as “butterfly man.”

Lots of indoor play time thanks to the rain. I skipped my 10-mile race on Saturday with zero regrets. I had no desire to run and most times I’ll say that once I get going with a run, I’m glad I did it but pushing through 10 humid (and possibly stormy) miles when my motivation was at zero sounded miserable and I decided to rest instead. I later took L to target with me to pick out some items to go in his potty treasure box for when we start training (soon hopefully!). We got a bunch of matchbox cars, bubbles, stickers, bouncy balls and Dinos.

I later did a Peleton run on the treadmill and it was exactly what my mind and body needed. I don’t usually walk on the treadmill (even between intervals) but I followed Chase’s instructions to a T on this run and loved every step.

We had brunch at one of our favorite spots. I’m doing a second round of FASTer Way to Fat Loss so I’m still intermittent fasting (don’t eat between 7 pm – 11 am) and counting my macros. I broke my fast with avocado toast with an over easy egg and a side of grits — and a delicious cappuccino!

L ate almost a whole, HUGE vanilla buttermilk pancake, some eggs and a few strawberries. After brunch, we ventured out to For Garden’s Sake’s 20th anniversary party.

We scoped out some new plants for our yard (if it ever dries out), looked at the goats, alpacas and ducks, and fed the fish. We decided not to take any flowers home with us but I made a list of ones to go back for:

    Fiddle leaf fig tree
    Lemon tree (because mine is sad)
    Sweet William

Before we left, we walked around on the “help you” (because it’s a trailer, it helps you pull things and he calls it a “help you”). We will never correct this.

Landon and I went to see Lord Huron in Raleigh. It was such a good show and one of our favorite bands! Beforehand, we had dinner and drinks at Lynwood Brewing Concern & Wilson’s. We forgot to take a picture together on our date night but did get a grainy picture of Landon with Tom from the band — he knew the people standing beside of us and came over to chat!

Overall it was a quiet weekend but fun. L is very much looking forward to his grandparents coming home this week, another farm class and seeing his cousin Trent on Friday (he’s counting down!). We’re hoping for more sunshine this week and less rain! 🤞🏼

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