What I’m loving now + Mother’s Day Wish List – May

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Had every intention of getting this posted in April, but… life. So here we are with a few things that we’re absolutely loving right now and a bonus section for fabulous Mother’s Day ideas!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared kid’s stuff that we’re loving and I have a few fun ones today:

  1. The Little Excavator – it’s by the same author as the Llama Llama books and so cute!
  2. Monogram Toddler Hat – it’s no secret that I love how adorable L looks in hats. I love how this one goes with EVERYTHING! (Here’s a pink version, too!)
  3. Native shoes – these have been fantastic for warmer weather! He can stomp around in puddles, play in the sand and run around in them! Got the navy ones on sale on Amazon!
  4. Play Doh! Oh boy is L obsessed with Play Doh right now. These trucks are so fun and feed all of his passions at once!

Now for things I’m loving for myself right now: 

  1. The Good Widow – THIS BOOK! The last minute plot twist got me! Read it in 2 days!
  2. High-waisted Lululemon dupe leggings! These are sooo similar to the align leggings but at a quarter of the price! I love the pockets on these and of course, they’re high waisted!
  3. Garmin 35 – my running watch which I raved about here, is on MEGA sale right now! I paid $170 for it in October and now you can get it for only $119! Run, don’t walk!
  4. Glass tumbler – I can always be found with a glass / bottle of water in hand. And I’m a sucker for cute containers — this one is no exception, plus, a reusable straw!
  5. SCOUT beach bag – our pool opens SO SOON and I quickly learned last year that we need a bigger bag for #allthethings! This extra large tote is PERFECT — and the stripes are so cute!
  6. Ray Ban Erika glasses – I’ve had terrible luck with Ray-Bans (left one pair at a local pizza place, had one pair stolen at BOS airport, and another pair has been MIA for 2+ years….) but I continue to love them and the quality. This beige color is perfection!

Bonus — Mother’s Day Gift ideas: 

  1. Rattan purse – this adorable bag is a J. Crew dupe and only $19.99!
  2. Massage gun – I tried this out after a 7 mile run at Fleet Feet and fell in love. They probably should have charged me for how long I used it, lol. PERFECT for an active mom!
  3. Flamingo planter – how cute is this? L picked out a pink dinosaur at Target not too long ago that was perfect for a succulent but I love the flamingo too! (under $20)
  4. Hand print stepping stone – I LOVE this timeless treasure. L is very into art right now and the days are going so fast, I always want to remember his tiny little hands!
  5. Mom’s One Line a Day – I love this so much and hope L will treasure the words I’ve written one day. (less than $10 and also a fave for baby showers!)
  6. Mama Needs a Coffee shirt – this is every mom, right? No matter how old the kids are? (Target also has this version)
  7. Willow Tree figurine – I have grown to love these, especially the ones that remind me of L.
  8. Ember Travel Mug – I’ve shared this genius piece of magic before but have to share again! A TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED mug for your coffee. Can you even!? Don’t travel? Here’s a mug version for home!
  9. Eye cream – we were just talking the other day about how much we’ve aged since having a kid (in my mind I’m still 26, but my body and dark circles under my eyes say otherwise).
  10. SHOES! some of my favorites are Rothy’s (I’m eyeing the linen double stitch loafter pair!), Oofos (perfect for resting your feet after a long run — or for pool days!), New Balance casual sneakers (I need this white pair!) and I’m really crushing on All birds but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I think the navy tree runners look amazing!
  11. Sarah Marie Design Studio shirts — I can’t decide on just one! These are a few of my favorites (and they have their own Mother’s Day recos!!). Use code “LOVEMOM” for 20% off. Mama Needs a Run | Kinda Wanna Run | Life’s Short | Positive Vibes

Hopefully this helps someone! You can never go wrong with a mother’s day photo shoot which is what I asked LW for this year. Photography is my love language and while our shoots are usually chaotic in the moment, we have some amazing pictures of our little family that I know I’ll still love when I’m old and gray.

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