Fall Book Club

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In January, I shared a list of books I planned to read in 2019. Here’s an update on what I’ve read and a few new books I’m adding to the list. My goal is still 2 books a month — I’d love to make it 3 but that feels like a stretch. Easier on months I travel solo but not so much when traveling with a kid.

My most recent favorite reads were The Unhoneymooners and The Light We Lost.  I laughed out loud multiple times while reading The Unhoneymooners and the twist at the end almost tricked me! The Light We Lost hit me deep. Pre-Landon, I had a “Gabe” in my life  and without giving away the book, had a similar fate. I LOVED this book.

Others I’ve read since my April post:

  • My Oxford Year (on sale for $10): this one was so good! I’m obsessed with British books currently so this one pulled me in quickly.
  • Something in the Water: I did not expect the twist in this one! Was definitely hanging on the edge with every page I read.
  • Girl Last Seen: another one that had a twist I was not prepared for!
  • The Wedding Date – I read this series backwards but it was still delightful! Start with this one, then go to The Proposal, then The Wedding Party!
  • The Wedding Party (See Above)
  • Last Time I saw You – I LOVED The Last Mrs. Parrish but this didn’t quite live up for me, thought it was still a good read.
  • Nine Women, One Dress – super cute, happy ending book. I read this on a 2.5 hour flight.
  • The Good Widow – this pulled me in and had some crazy twists.
  • Red, White & Royal Blue: this was such a fun read — totally “tongue in cheek” per the author but definitely different than anything I’ve read lately. My neighborhood has a book club and this is what was chosen for August!

My list for the rest of the year is here — I know this is more than 2 a month but I have a few longer work trips so I’m sure I can get 3 in October and November. 

  1. Becoming Michelle Obama : I’m mad at myself for not starting this yet but I’ve been in a really fluffy book / beach read mentality lately so I’ve avoided biographies and non-fiction.
  2. Educated 
  3. Evvie Drake Starts Over
  4. Where the Crawdads Sing 
  5. Everything I Never Told You
  6. And Then You Loved Me
  7. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
  8. The Storyteller’s Secret
  9. My Husband’s Wife
  10. How Women Rise (I got to hear the author speak recently and immediately purchased the book)
  11. Love and Other Words 
  12. Maybe This Time – I bought this in Heathrow Airport. Airport books are my love language.
  13. The Castaways 
  14. Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race 
  15. Royal Wedding
  16. The Best Friend 


I’m self-imposing a book buying restriction on myself for the rest of the year. While I have 16 books on this list to read before 12/31… I have shelves full of books that I’ve purchased and then just let sit. I love that my neighborhood has such an active Buy/Sell/Trade group and I’m able to get lots on there for cheap (and sell the ones I’ve read too) but still, I don’t need anymore books this year. Remind me of this next week, plz.

*I use affiliate links and will receive a small commission if you choose to purchase the product. It doesn’t cost you anything and goes straight into helping keep my blog alive by paying the yearly fee!

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