‘Tis the season!

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We got to spend Thanksgiving in Charlotte with my brother & fam, mom, aunt & uncle, maw maw and my SIL’s family. L loves his cousins so much and enjoyed riding Cooper’s bike with his uncle Brent.

We came home on Thursday evening since Tucker is still lonely and anxious without Bud.

On Friday, we got our Christmas tree and L’s first cup of got chocolate. He liked the idea of hot chocolate better than the actual drink. He loved our tree so much he asked if we could put it back on top of the car and take it over to nana and granddads so they could see it.

He has declared our tree beautiful with sparkly ornaments. He also loves his miniature tree in his room but would prefer if it didn’t make shadows on the wall.

And yesterday, he looked at our stockings on the mantle and said “look at those big socks, mommy!”

My favorite thing he said came this morning though over a misunderstanding about Tucker’s stocking. I sent this text to Landon:

So Liam asked about Tucker’s stocking this morning. I told him we’ll put a toy in it, treats and a bone.

Liam: “yeah and he can just call whatever mans he wants. Or he can call nana if he wants”

Me: a BONE. not a phone. He’ll chew on the bone.

Liam: yeah but he might want to call nana

He cracks us up daily. He’s very excited for Santa and told me if I tell Santa I want a truck he’ll bring me one (trucks are not on my list). He’s super sweet about the holidays too though and wants to make sure everyone is happy and getting something and enjoying the beautiful sights. Love seeing this season through his eyes.

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