Superfood smoothies that are super quick!


A few weeks ago, I decided to order a box of Revive Superfoods smoothies. I wanted something that I could toss in the blender quickly but that included good-for-me foods.

*a quick note, these are not sponsored. I paid in full for the whole box because i wanted to try them*

Obviously I could make smoothies on my own but in the middle of a busy workday, I don’t always have time to chop up fruits and veggies and add in extra powders and seeds and all the healthy things my body needs to have energy and to keep getting stronger.

The good news is, our whole family loves smoothies so this makes it really simple for all of us. And we quickly discovered that we can get 2 servings out of each container so we can share.

So what’s in them? Just strawberries if you ask the toddler! And that’s fine. He doesn’t even realize that he’s eating zucchini and chia seeds and that they’re good for him!

How do they work? You open the lid, pour in “liquid” — I use oat milk for mine, and then dump it all in your blender. When you’re done you can toss it back in the cup and the lid has a place for a straw. I’ve been letting L use that cup and pouring my portion into a glass.

When they arrived, they were packed in dry ice so they would have stayed cold even if I wasn’t home when they got there.

My favorite so far has been the Berry blu! Though, I haven’t had one that I’ve disliked…

L really liked the Strawberry Zen and drank both of those in the first two days. So we will definitely be ordering more in our next box. It’s such an easy way for us to get a nutritious breakfast or snack in that I’m all for it.

And I have a code for anyone who wants to try it! Use WHI420500 for 3 free cups on your first order! I love that they are dairy free, gluten free, plant based and even have keto options!

Which flavor are you most excited to try?

8 comments on “Superfood smoothies that are super quick!”

  1. Wow! Looks so tempting. I love fruits and berry smoothies and can try some of these. Thank You for sharing.


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