May: What We’re Loving Now

Here are some things our whole family is loving now — and that are keeping our 3 year old entertained while we continue social distancing.

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We’ve made it through 70 days of quarantine and somehow it’s the end of May (and Memorial Day) and everything feels different! We’re not at the pool or the beach, we’re hanging out watching Madagascar for the millionth time in the last 70 days and eating ice cream that Bruster’s delivered to our neighborhood. We grilled out earlier and did invite my in-laws over for lunch which was a nice touch of normalcy (of course, we’ve both been only doing delivery or pick up for groceries and food and are feeling pretty safe around one another).

It has definitely been an adventure in keeping everyone entertained and sane at the same time — especially last week when it rained for 4 days straight. Landon and I have found a few house projects to keep us busy — like finishing the playroom, purchasing a new bed/headboard for our room, a new desk for his office and working on a gallery wall. And we’ve been organizing and purging like crazy.

Here are a few things we’re loving now — some of which we’ve had for a bit and others we’ve gotten just recently:

  1. Espresso Machine: I’m currently LOVING our espresso machine — especially given that I seem to be drinking more caffeine than ever before! I recently started making iced lattes and have officially found my summer drink. I don’t think you can beat the price of this one — especially for the quality of the drink and not having to make the trip to Starbucks!
  2. Toddler Computer: I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier but I finally gave this to L this past week and it made him feel like the MOST IMPORTANT human in the world. We bought it for our trip to Banff in August (which we’ve now canceled) and he kept pretending to be on calls this week so I gave him the computer and he is just completely smitten. Best $20 ever spent.
  3. Big Summer: I loved this book! It was one of my Book of the Month picks and I could hardly put it down. Highly recommend it as one of your summer reads!
  4. Wagon: We got this as a Christmas gift after riding around in our friend’s on Halloween and now I think we use it as much, if not more, than our Bob stroller. It folds up (with ONE HAND!) so it takes up no space in the garage and it’s super easy to control and steer. Even the toddler likes to pull it around!
  5. My Peloton: I have ridden more and done more workouts on the app since COVID started than in the last 18 months. I’m so grateful to have this in our house and be able to go do a 20 or 30 minute ride on a rainy day when I can’t get out for a walk or run (because running will always, always, always be my first choice). If you’re thinking about ordering, I know the delivery times are delayed but you can call and get put on the cancellation list and get moved up in some cases — and use my code for $100 your accessories like shoes!
  6. Bluetooth Speaker: We got this for using out by the grill or camping. It’s waterproof (our last one got rained on and we learned was not waterproof) and puts out great sound. It’s on sale today for $50 off!
  7. Pool: We ordered this last weekend and it arrives on Friday. I KNOW we are going to love it because I doubt we’ll be spending much time at our neighborhood pool this year given distancing and sanitation concerns.  Love that it has seats!
  8. Olaplex: I got my hair done last right before my last work trip and our Grand Cayman trip so my roots are showing big time but this has been keeping it healthy by doing it once or twice a week. I tend to have pretty healthy hair anyway (now that I no longer bleach it like I did when I was in my teens and early twenties – ew!) but still, a little extra love can’t hurt!
  9. Peter Thomas Roth Cleanser: I’m LOVING this face cleanser. It smells amazingly good and leaves my face feeling super soft. I also got The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser based on my SIL’s recommendation during the Sephora sale (but shipping took forever) and I like it too — I just alternate between them. I’ll do a whole round up soon of what I’m using because being home I’ve had the opportunity to try a plethora of products without worrying if they’ll destroy my skin — because no one is going to see me anyway.
  10. Legos: for things that are time consuming and entertaining for kids… this Lego garbage truck has entertained L for days on end. He takes it apart and puts it back together perfectly and it’s quiet time and he just loves it. Highly recommend. I know some of these can get pricey and we’re not there yet but I’m loving the $10-15 sets.

Hopefully you had a relaxing and fun Memorial Day weekend and are surviving Quarantine — whatever that looks like for you.

And yes, I’m still LOVING my spin mop. It’s the B-E-S-T.

1 comments on “May: What We’re Loving Now”

  1. What great ideas for spending time at home! I’ve done a lot of purging and rearranging. Now, I’m looking at ways to make this summer more fun at home. I love your espresso machine idea! Brew up some fancy coffees to enjoy. Thanks for the recommendation.


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