Toddler Life: Crafty Caterpillar


I stashed away a couple egg cartons a few weeks ago and started talking to L about making caterpillars. He’s very into bugs right now so this was exciting for him (or should I say “egg-citing”?!). 😂

I told him we could paint them rainbow colors if he wanted (he did) and put eyes and spots and antennas on them. I ordered this super fun craft kit which had all the items we needed to decorate them once they were painted.

We painted them both rainbow, switching back and forth so we both painted on each of them. We did these on Father’s Day weekend and I tried to convince him to do fingerprint spots on them and call them “daderpillars” — he liked the name but wouldn’t do the spots.

After the dried we started decorating with eyes and shapes and fuzzy balls and a pipe cleaner antennae.

The whole activity took about an hour or so and he loved it. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a fun craft and something to entertain your toddler.

Plus the craft kit will have tons of leftovers for future projects. It comes with feathers so we’re definitely making some kind of bird soon!

2 comments on “Toddler Life: Crafty Caterpillar”

  1. What a cool creative idea! My boys are older now and we did lots of crafts too, but I never thought to make this. But I have a 3-year-old nephew and this is right up his alley!


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