What we’re loving now: June 2020

Celebrating making it halfway through 2020 and sharing 5 things we’re loving right now.


As an Amazon Affiliate I receive a small commission for items purchased that I recommend in my blog. I don’t recommend anything we don’t use and love personally! Thank you for reading and supporting the blog!

Before we jump in — let’s celebrate the fact that we have officially survived half of 2020 despite a global pandemic, murder hornets, a Saharan dust storm that swept through last weekend and who knows what else.

I definitely don’t want to make light of the fact that this year has been tough for so many — the unemployment rate in the US is unbelievable, one of my best friends lost her father to COVID and many people are struggling with food, housing, etc right now. I wish I could say there’s light at the end of the tunnel but the truth is much of the world will be in a recession and we still have to figure out how to live safely moving forward. In the meantime, you can find us in our backyard with our $30 target pool or in the front doing chalk art from sun up til sun down.

Here are 5 things we are loving right now:

  • Kinetic Sand: this was a life saver earlier this month when it rained for 4 days straight. My kid thought I was the coolest/a genius when I said “do you want to play with indoor sand?”
  • Sand table: this has been a hit for over a year now. We love that it has a cover so it stays bug free and dry when it rains. We just refilled the sand (because the dump truck has a habit of loading up and dumping sand all over our patio) but I figure refilling 50 lbs once a year isn’t bad.
  • Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo: (On sale at time of posting for $11!) I devoured this book and didn’t want it to end (I still want more!). It was a Book of the Month pick in June and I’m so glad I chose it. Of all the subscription boxes I’ve had (birch box, Fabletics, stitch fix) this is my favorite.
  • Our garden: we love checking on it every day. We have tomatoes, shishito peppers and tons of herbs. We also planted a fig tree earlier this year and hope to get figs next year.
  • Sunscreen!: I love all super goop sunscreens but this is my fave. We all use it and it doesn’t make any of us breakout or have any reactions. Bonus, if you have an FSA/HSA you can use it when buying (or for reimbursement!).

And one from Landon:

  • North face hiking shoes: he got these as a birthday present and has loved them since day one (well, day 3 since he had to swap sizes). He was able to go on a hike with no blisters or rubbing. He recommends sizing up at least a half size from your normal shoe size.

Cheers to the second half of 2020. We’re looking forward to a little time off for the 4th of July and a weekend away later in the month to the mountains. Since we had to cancel our August trip to Banff (still waiting on that refund, Delta!) we booked a trip to the beach instead and plan to social distance at our house there. Hope you’re able to make the best of this strange year, too and come out with some happy memories on the other side.

Back when the garden was a baby!

6 comments on “What we’re loving now: June 2020”

  1. Your garden looks SO good! That book is on my list. Glad to hear it was a good one.

    Elizabeth | blushmagnoliablog.com


  2. I LOVED The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo too. I think I read it in record time. The last Train to Key West is what’s on the docket right now and I think you’d like it too!


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