My Peloton Review

Here are my thoughts on investing in a Peloton bike…


I’ve been promising this for a while and after 18 months of having the bike, it’s probably time.

Landon surprised me 18 months ago with the Peloton. It was my Christmas gift and I was completely shocked.

Admittedly, I didn’t ride it as much as I should in the first year — considering the investment that it is. Not only do you have to pay for the bike, but there’s a $40/month charge for the live classes, stats and leaderboard. To be fair, I also traveled a TON that year and was working hard on increasing my running mileage and pace so I focused more on that than the bike.

But then, COVID happened. And since March of this year, I’ve sweated a ton on the bike and through taking strength, core, running and stretch classes on the Peloton app. In July, I hit 100 rides and 200 overall classes.

I also PR’d (personal record) on several rides — including a 45 minute ride hosted by two instructors and a new 30 minute ride PR. So I can tell I’m getting stronger and better with each ride.

Since January, I’ve done more than 55 rides (and run almost 200 miles). I’ve really enjoyed the stretch classes and core classes after my runs and rides and just discovered a 10 minute foam rolling class that felt incredible after leg day!

Speaking of leg day — it’s a great workout. I love the tabata and HIIT rides the most. But sometimes it’s nice to just take a pop ride or low intensity ride. The themed ones are great too, my faves have been the Britney Spears ride, the Dolly Parton ride and the Broadway ride which is all Hamilton songs.

If you had asked me in 2019 if the bike was worth it, I would have said “if you really love cycling and that’s all you want to do.” And that’s coming from someone who does actually really like cycling/spin classes and was even a substitute spin class instructor when I was in college (#funfact!). Now if you asked me, I’d say 100% yes it’s worth the investment for us. I use it exponentially more than Landon but we are getting so much use out of it and I am so grateful to have it during this time when our gyms are closed.

It is a huge investment (and needs some space in your house) and has the monthly fee that you should budget for but if you’re good at home workouts and can motivate yourself to do it then I think it’s worth it — but only if you can afford it. It’s super trendy to have one and I realize a lot of people probably get sucked in that way. I’m a strong believer in not buying things just because they’re on sale or trendy.

If you do decide to take the plunge, there are lots of groups you can join and find supportive folks to ride with. It is fun to compete on the leaderboard and fun to ride with “friends” whether real life or ones you’ve made through the shared Peloton bond. And if you want $100 off your shoes/weights/mat, you can use my discount code BP3D36.

And if you’re looking for a new sports bra, I’ve tested this one running and on the peloton and it’s AMAZING! Plus the company has a great mission to help breast cancer survivors. I have the Y back and just ordered another in hot pink 😍 Here’s $10 off your first order!

9 comments on “My Peloton Review”

  1. Nice post. I have an exercise bike that I need to use more. I’d definitely need to increase my time on it to justify buying a Pelaton. I spend a lot of time outside walking/running. The bike will probably get more use this winter.


  2. Thanks for the honest review. I’ve been wondering if these are worth it because I really miss spin classes!


  3. We don’t know we ever survived without our peloton! Has for sure been my sanity as a nurse working through covid, with a baby at home!


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