Toddler Art: Leaf People

We used leaves found in our backyard to create the perfect leaf person!

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This weekend, we decided to do a different than normal art project. We skipped the paint and markers and pulled out our craft kit and glue stick.

First, we collected leaves from the yard and trees behind our yard. L knew what he was going for so he picked a sturdy magnolia leaf for the body, smaller maple leaves for the hands, some crepe myrtle leaves and a handful of others.

For the hair, he knew he wanted lavender — not only because it smells good but because he was going for gray hair for this person.

Once we had the leaves, we went inside and picked the perfect background: “green like a leaf.” And then it was time to get started placing our leaves.

We glued down the leaves, then we got to the fun part of adding extras! We added some fun buttons and created a hat — and then we added the googly eyes. The possibilities were endless because our craft kit has EVERYTHING you can imagine.

We had a plan for this one all along: a granddad leaf man for granddad’s birthday! After we got it just perfect, we framed it up and got it ready for wrapping.

It turned out perfectly and we had one proud little boy and one happy granddad!

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