What We’re Loving Now: August 2020

Here are some things that we were loving in the month of August — from dreamy face masks to giant bubble wands!


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I told Landon today that not only did August fly by but I feel like the days — weekends in particular — are so fast. We were fortunate enough to go to the beach last month — and back to the mountains for a few days too. But alas, the end of summer is almost here and it was far from typical.

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That’s not to say we haven’t made the most of our time.

We’ve done evening hikes, played in the pool in our yard and someone in our neighborhood was selling our beloved sand table for just $5 so we grabbed it to make a dirt table for my construction truck loving boy.

Landon has been hitting the basketball court in the mornings to shoot around and I’ve upped my running quite a bit — hitting a mile PR at the beach and feeling quite proud. I also have a 22-week going on with the Peloton right now.

What we’re loving now:

  • This salt scrub: my skin feels so smooth after using this!
  • These train & monster truck kits: L got these from my cousin for Christmas (Thanks, Tabby!) and it was a fun weekend activity for us to build the monster truck, paint it and then let it climb over our Matchbox cars.
  • Our new cheese board: this fits SO MUCH stuff! And the tools are in a little drawer so you won’t lose them in a drawer somewhere.
  • These workout tanks: I was drawn to the colors but LOVE that they are seamless and sooo light. They’re also really long so they’d be great for people with longer torsos or who are pregnant. I’m wearing the purple one in the picture above.
  • Beauty Bio Microneedler: I’ve been using a cheaper one that a blogger recommended for the last two years but this one is SO MUCH BETTER. My face is crazy smooth and I feel like I can see a difference in my skin. It’s an investment but worth it for sure.
  • Vital Proteins Recover: I was looking for a BCAA and found this. The first flavor I tried was not my favorite but YUZU CLEMENTINE is where it’s at! I just ordered the pre-workout drink too.
  • Sight word puzzles: these have been so great in working with L on learning what letters look like and spelling these words. He LOVES them!
  • Chocolate zucchini bread: pro tip — make 2 loaves and freeze one for another day. It’ll thaw in a couple hours and be ready to eat. Toddler approved!
  • Big bubble maker: if you want to wow your toddler and exhaust them by running around chasing bubbles, buy this.
  • This face mask: this goes on overnight and will leave your skin feeling so hydrated and glowy!
  • First / Last Day of school sign: my friend Kathleen and I texted links back and forth of the perfect chalk sign, flags, uniforms and all things back to school. I landed on this one and love that it’s double-sided for first and last day and my child commented that he likes the circles and dots on it — so a winner for sure.
  • Surge protector with USB plug-ins: this is a lifesaver at my desk so I can charge my phone (and watch and headphones if needed) but also make sure my stuff is protected.

September is here. Fall comes soon. The year has moved on despite complicated COVID times. Virtual cheers to you, and whatever season you’re in right now — homeschooling, partial in person schooling, working from home, working from the office, staying at home, doing your best — as my kid noted this morning, Christmas is a little bit closer and it will be happy (I’m positive he was referencing Santa and presents) but I’ll take that joyful optimism any day.

2 comments on “What We’re Loving Now: August 2020”

  1. So excited to see a different zucchini bread recipe! I have such an insane amount of zucchini. And will definitely be adding some of the other items to my wish list, as well as potential gifts for nephews/stepkids!


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