It feels like Fall and I’m here for it

Here are some fun, safe and socially distanced activities for family fun this fall.

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When I was dropping L off at school yesterday, he told me, “You know when it’s breezy out like this, it means its Fall.” Which was pretty true. The weather drastically cooled down from the 90 degree days we were having and it appears it might be REAL Fall instead of the Fake Fall we normally get in North Carolina.

This year is weird because so many of the things we’d normally be doing aren’t happening. My Fall half marathon at Ocean Isle was canceled, the state fair has also been canceled and Halloween is up in the air right now. What’s a safe way to have all those kids running around and grabbing candy from hundreds of houses? Sigh. It is what it is.

Last year at FGS

L has told me multiple times now that he wants to go to the pumpkin patch after school and I need to call and see if they’re open. We made plans with our good friends to go in a couple weekends and I’m sure it will be nice to do something that feels relatively normal — while still wearing masks and keeping our distance. I’m super excited for the apple cider donuts. We did already grab some mums from For Garden’s Sake, which feels like the first step of Fall decorating for me!

Last year at the pumpkin patch

We did two trips to the mountains this summer and I’d love to pack one more in before Winter strikes. My very opinionated 3 year old has some thoughts on this, too — it must have a stream and he believes mountain houses should have TVs. We also have a trip to Claytor Lake planned which will be a nice change of scenery.

Despite still isolating, there are quite a few things we can do safely this fall to still enjoy the season.

I’m much more of a hot chocolate girl (or at least chai latte) than pumpkin spice latte, but I do love all the pumpkin breads and muffins so I’ll be working on filling my house up with scents of those baking soon.

And I’m ready for sweater weather — as Landon pointed out, I have a sweater for every day of the season.

And I have my new Sarah Marie Design Studio sweatshirt which is so cozy and so accurate. #notamorningrunner

What are you most looking forward to this season? Any thoughts on safe Halloween? *Someone* has already picked out a costume.

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