Prime Day Picks

Here are some of the best deals for Prime Day, including toys and all the cleaning equipment and coffee machines. Some of these we already have and love and highly recommend.


As an amazon Affiliate, I may receive a small commissions from purchases made through these links. It doesn’t cost you anything! Prices / discounts are at time of posting and may have changed by the time you read this! Prime day is Oct 13-14 in 2020.

It’s Amazon Prime day — finally! It was moved from earlier this year due to COVID and the needed to get certain items out faster. It feels a little strange since we’ve basically been buying everything online this year anyway but there are a few good deals I wanted to share — especially if you’re looking for gifts for the kiddos. But before we jump in, I want to remind you that just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean you need it. Say it with me now “I only need to buy it if I was already planning to and now it’s at a better price.” Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s what we’ve got:

Ever since Landon shared his legos with L, he’s been obsessed. We build a lot of castles that he smashes but he is particularly fond of the vehicle lego sets so I know he will be in love with these!

These are all things that will occupy time for a small child and also can be fun for the parents. And the magnatiles are 30% off. Since L is so big into rock collecting (another thing his dad passed down), I know he’ll have a blast with the gem mining kit. Sign us up for all the science-y things! My aunt and uncle got L the camera last Christmas and he LOVES it and is so proud of his picture taking!

We LOVE the baby university set and I gift this often to friends who are expecting. Such fun — but informative — books. We haven’t had a marble run before but this one looks great and I know they’re a fan favorite in my neighborhood. My nephew really loves the Tegu blocks and this is a great deal (almost 40% off!)

My beloved hairdryer is crapping out and this one is on sale and comes highly recommended. I rarely dry my hair anyway but when I do, I want something that will work quickly without damaging my hair. We LOOOOVE our single serve coffee maker that doesn’t use pods but uses coffee grounds instead; but, being home for COVID all this time, it would be nice to have a coffee pot sometimes, too. This one does both and has almost 15k excellent reviews. These smart outlets are a great way to keep your holiday lights on / off when you want them to change — or if you forget and leave the house. I love my small fan in our Peloton room, but this one will be moveable and can hopefully help get me through those 45-60 minute rides. Lastly, I got a balloon pump because we borrowed one for our balloon arch last year on L’s birthday, but now I need to do two more in coming months and it was just over $15.

  • Instant Pot (we got ours in 2018 and love it)
  • Cordless vacuum: Our beloved vacuum has a $10 off coupon today. It does great with pet hair and toddler messes.
  • Spin Mop: Speaking of cleaning, my best friend is on sale today and you will want to dance all across your floors after you mop with this one!
  • Aqua Magic Mat: We got this at the beginning of quarantine and it has been a FAVORITE for most of the year now. If you have littles, this is great entertainment.
  • Garmin Watches (for the last 2 years I have gotten a new one) — Landon has the 735XT which is on sale for $169 today, and I have the 245 Music which is on sale but the better deal is the 645 Music which is only $219 today!!!
  • Our Bentgo box: L loves eating his lunches out of here. We used to pack it when he was going to nana and granddad’s and he thought it was so fun. It cleans up great too!
  • WaterPik — we each have one of these and they are AMAZING for getting your teeth super clean. Almost 50% off today!
  • Surge protector: I have one of these under my desk and it’s a life saver.
  • GrandeLash and GrandeBrow: I use both of these and they’re both on sale today. Highly recommend!
  • Instax Mini: we just LOVE our camera and the fun pictures it shoots out. So many little treasures from this strange year.
  • Massage gun: I got one of these for my birthday and I LOVE it after a hard run or bike ride. This one is 30% off!
  • Vitamix: We got one of these last month and my smoothies have never been better. Seriously, I’m obsessed.
  • Espresso machine: Lattes have been giving me life lately so I’m all in on this machine now. (on sale for $122 at time of posting!)

A few other good deals:

  • Ring Doorbell: we’ve recently upgraded to the Google wifi and just ordered Nest Thermostats so this will be next in completing our smart home LOL
  • Fire 7 Kids Tablet: If you’re into tablets for the kids, this is a GREAT deal and comes with the cover. We’ve barely entered into that space thanks to some layovers on our last trip but this one has lots of great reviews.
  • Arteza Watercolor Pens: my friend Kelsi recommended these and they are FANTASTIC. We had a blast painting over the weekend.
  • Babyganics wipes: for my friends expecting, this is a great deal. You will need every last one of these…
  • Orgain Protein: this is our favorite. It was going to ship on my subscription for $21 but I got it today for $15.53.
  • SD card reader: so many computers don’t have SD card readers anymore so it’s hard to upload pictures from your camera unless you have a wifi enabled camera. I just purchased one of these and it is working great.

Happy shopping! Hopefully you’ll find something good today (but only if you were already looking).

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