What we’re loving now: October

Here are 10 things that we’re loving now and things that are keeping us entertained as we quarantine at home for 14 days!

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Wow. What a weekend. After waiting DAYS on confirmation of who won the election, we found out at lunch time today that Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States — but more than that, we’ve elected our first woman, and woman of color to be our VICE PRESIDENT. This is huge. Congrats, Kamala. Congrats to all the little girls who can see themselves in that position of power one day. Congrats to all the little girls who are also POC and will now have someone who looks like them, representing our country. Here’s to hoping our new leaders will get coronavirus under control so we can see our family and friends again and kick of this “new normal” way of living.

Speaking of coronavirus, my son’s class had a positive case in a kid last week so he is home for 14 days quarantining while we watch for symptoms. We knew this was a risk when we sent him to preschool but it doesn’t make it any easier now that it’s a reality. We’re making the best of our time with some fun at-home activities. Friendly PSA: WEAR A MASK and stop acting like just because you want it to be over it is. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.

And speaking of 14 days, it’s been at least that long since I’ve gone for a run. I climbed up on our counter to get a tiny cup for L to put a flower in and when I jumped back down, I sprained a ligament in my big toe which caused it to bruise horribly and be painful to walk on. I was given a boot — which I am out of now — but not ready to run again. Send prayers for anyone who gets in my way while I can’t run.

Without further adieu, here are the things that we loved in October (really September too, because I skipped that post when our family was devastated by losing Tucker).

  1. Deep Conditioner: I have been using this for about a month now and LOVE how soft and shiny it makes my hair. It is not heavy so it works great on my super fine hair. 10/10 recommend.
  2. KiwiCo Boxes: We got our first box and had SO MUCH FUN creating a bubbling witch’s cauldron. These are STEAM based kits that include everything you need for a fun & enriching activity. BIG FAN! Here’s 50% off your first month’s box with code LIAMW39!
  3. Slippers: L is obsessed with my LL Bean Wicked Good Slippers and wanted some of his own. I didn’t want to fork over $40 for house shoes for him but I found these look-a-likes at the right price. He loves them so much!
  4. Dudley Stephens Fleece Top: I splurged on this top after receiving some good news from work in October and it is so cozy. Already looking forward to wearing it next time we head to the mountains. Take $25 your first purchase!
  5. Exfoliator Mitt: I’ve had the body one for about 6 months now and really like it so I decided to invest in the face one, too. It makes my face SOOOO soft. I only use it once a week and it’s not too harsh. Worth every penny!
  6. WaterPik: I can’t remember if I’ve shared this before but Landon and I both got waterpiks this year and they work great — especially in a year where we skipped a dentist appointment.
  7. Magnatiles: I ordered a set of these on Prime Day and had planned for them to be a Christmas present but someone raided my stock of items since he’s home for two weeks and needs to be entertained and these have been a hit. We all enjoy building with them. We have a different set my cousin Ann got him last year and still play with often, this set has different sizes and a “truck” so it made for fun new creations!
  8. Water Color Paintbrushes: These are GENIUS! No more worries about a bowl of dirty water spilling…. we LOVE them and have had so much fun painting over the last few weeks and learning how water color really works!
  9. Stranded Stitch: I was a total newb when it came to cross-stitching but I found it very cathartic and relaxing. I didn’t do it perfectly but I’m pretty happy with my first design. I ordered this at the start of COVID, started it the day RBG passed and finished it in October (after having to request more thread from the company lol but they were incredible and had excellent customer service).
  10. Camo shoes: I ordered these loafers in September and they arrived in October — perfect time to switch from my brighter greens to olive green and pair these shoes with my outfit. Use the link for $20 off your first pair! They are made from recycled materials, require no break-in time and

I also just ordered this facial massager but I can’t give an honest review just yet. I got the navy blue one (though color obviously won’t impact how it operates). Stay tuned!

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how it is already November and we’re getting scarily close to the holidays already. This year feels so long but also like so much was un-lived. I’m glad we got in one trip, and a few weekends in the mountains and at the beach, but it was all so unusual.

I wish when we hit 2021 that things would all go back to “normal” as we know it but that won’t be the case and that means our holidays and those of us who have January birthdays will have different experiences in coming months.

Sending love to anyone who this feels hard for as we head into the holidays. 2020 has been isolating, challenging and and sad without being surrounded by friends and family. However you are getting through the year, through the holidays, is OKAY. There is no right way to do things in this difficult year — other than continuing to be safe and responsible while we’re in the middle of this pandemic. Stay safe. Wear a mask. Love your people. And reach out if you need help.

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