Gift guide: stocking stuffers

Rounding up some fun stocking stuffers for all the adults in your life from partners to neighbors and even small gifts for teachers!

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Planning for the holidays is proving to be difficult this year. Not just from figuring out if you’ll ever see your family but getting gifts to all the people is a secondary issue. Do you ship directly to them? Do you ship to yourself, wrap and send? Are you close enough to drop off? Woof. Definitely sucking some of the joy out it for me.

But regardless of gatherings, the kiddo is super excited for the holidays (he’s been curating his list since July — not kidding) and absolutely loves decorations. So we’re all in and doing everything we can to bring all the joy to this season — despite a global pandemic.

Today I’m sharing some gifts under $30 that could be great stocking stuffers, gifts for neighbors or co-workers, or for a secret Santa/gift exchange type game.

Treat Items

Self Care Items

  • Lush bath bombs: LOVE these for stocking stuffers — they even have a cute set for the kids!
  • Nail kit for men: I got this for Landon last year and it has EVERYTHING!
  • Scalp scrubber: I love using this after a few days of dry shampooing my hair. My scalp has gotten sensitive in the last few years so I try to make sure it’s extra clean!
  • Coola SPF lip balm: who doesn’t love lip balm? This one is free of all the bad stuff and has SPF!
  • Hand sanitizer: I love keeping one hooked to my keys!
  • Face Mask: I love this brand and have tried several types of their masks. The stress rehab one is my fave! You can’t beat this for an under $5 gift!
  • Salt scrub: I LOVE how this one makes my skin feel. My other fave is from Durham company Lo & Behold Naturals which is Bergamot scented!
  • Moisturizing Gel Socks: not a fan of the foot peeling socks, but these are great for softening up heels.
  • Lip mask: put this on at night and forget about chapped lips in the morning!

Everyday Items

I realize most of what I’ve shared is for women but a few things work for anyone and a few were for the men in your life. I’ve taken the week off to get some things done (like this blog post!) and to try going for a run for the first time in a month. My toe still hurts at times so we’ll see how it goes. The good news is that not being able to run forced me to use my Peloton even more — I currently have a 33 week streak going on and have ridden more miles in a month’s time than any prior month. Definitely a bright spot!

Another bright spot is that Lake Pajamas kicked off their Black Friday sale today! These are my favorite pajamas and I most definitely asked for a new pair for Christmas! Wishing you a cozy Monday and happy shopping!

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