Gift guide: Christmas List for Adults

Some quality gift ideas for that human in your life who already has everything. 🌲

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I’m sharing a few things that are on our Christmas list this year. I always find it hard to ask other people for things (my husband and friend confirmed this weekend that I am difficult to buy for because I tend to get things for myself) but here’s what’s on my list this year + a few things I already have and love. Also adding a few things for the guys. Yesterday I shared some smaller gift ideas or stocking stuffers.

Before we dive in, let me caveat this with these things are a wish list. I’m very fortunate to have all the things in life I need — so I don’t need any of these things but would like them. I’m also in a very different place than my 3 year old and I’d like to have a few nice gifts instead of a bunch of smaller gifts. Though I will say he put several $100 trucks on his list which I have kindly removed because Santa won’t be delivering those and neither will anyone else.

Also — if you’re not signed up for Fetch Rewards yet, do it now. They scan e-receipts and you can take a picture of paper receipts to earn points and turn them into gif cards. I’ve gotten several gift cards already for doing nothing more than uploading receipts! Sign up today and get bonus points!

Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill: I recently got the Greenpoint and LOVE IT. My friend Kathleen got the Cobble Hill and I like the length. Plus, this is the coziest shirt for winter! Big fan of the greens, tan and grey. (Link gives you $25 off!)

Rothy’s: I’ve been waiting for the navy sneakers to come back in stock in my size FOREVER. But I also have the Sunset loafers on my list — unfortunately they’re also out in my size. Fingers crossed for a restock! (Link gives you $20 off)

Bearaby blanket: I have been looking into weighted blankets since I was diagnosed with postpartum anxiety (PPA) but never splurged on one. This one has rave reviews and Whitney Hawkins has sold me on it. Expensive for sure, but can you put a price on good sleep? (These are also supposed to be great for kids (not babies) who have trouble sleeping through the night).

Camera lens: I just ordered a new camera with an award I got at work. It’s a Canon so my old Nikon lenses won’t work with it.

Winter Street Series: I’ve been on an Elin Hilderbrand kick lately with my reading and haven’t read this series. I go through about a book a week so these would last me for a bit!

Obama book: while we’re talking about books — I am excited to read Obama’s book, though I’m kind of tempted to get it as an audio book so I can hear his voice. Cheers to well-spoken Presidents!

Sunglasses: I’ve been using my Goodrs for every day sunglasses for a long time but a nicer pair would be great. I think I haven’t bought them because we’re not going anywhere so I basically only wear sunglasses to preschool drop off and home.

Face cleanser/massager: I got this a few weeks ago through an award I received at work. This is INCREDIBLE! My face is so clean and smooth after using it and the other side has an active warmth side that supposedly helps with anti-aging. It feels great on my face! (PS this is on sale today for $104!! Lowest I’ve seen it).

Treadmill: this is entirely unrealistic but a Peloton treadmill will be at the top of my list until I get one. I LOVE the idea of pushing a button and the speed changing instead of having to push a button for 30 seconds while the speed slowly increases or decreases. We don’t actually have space for one right now but maybe in a future house. But also, Landon DID surprise me with a bike a few years ago, so a girl can dream, right?

Pajamas: these are hands down the best jammies you’ll ever sleep in. And yes, they’re worth the price. I asked for one of the cropped sets for Christmas. Lake is currently having their Black Friday sale — run, don’t walk!

Microneedler: I got this back in the summer and LOVE what it has done for my skin. I use it every other night or two and have definitely seen a difference.

Tupperware: a few years ago I got this set of glass tupperware and it has seriously been the best! We have used it daily since we got it. If you haven’t made the switch to glass, do it!

Julie Vos: I love Julie Vos jewelry. I got some earrings earlier this year and wear them all the time. We recently got a catalog and like a child, I circled all the things I’d like 🙂 I also have my eye on a new David Yurman ring but maybe that’ll come for my birthday or next big anniversary.

Pots & Pans: Occasionally we’ll ask for a home item together — like pots and pans. These have great reviews for being non-toxic. We were also recently looking at this brand.

Espresso machine: I got this last year and LOVE IT SO MUCH. Like I can’t even tell you how much I love it. I make lattes every day — which has been super convenient this year, especially when coffee shops were closed back in the Spring.

Pura: I’m tempted to add one of these to my list after hearing my friend Kathleen rave about hers. You can probably find a discount code from an influencer but I don’t have one to offer here — and I don’t receive commission on this reco.

Robot vacuum: we have not gotten serious about one of these before because we had gates up for the dogs but now I think it would be a great gift. Especially when you have a 3 year old and no dog to clean up under his chair after dinner.

Dog painting: I had one of these done last year after we lost our Bubba and now we need a matching one for our sweet Tucker. I can’t believe we’re going to be dog-less this Christmas. The first one in all of our years together. First one for either of us since we were 21.

Patagonia pullover: I got this for Landon last Christmas and he wears it all the time. Here’s the women’s version if you’re interested. Patagonia is a great company!

Hiking shoes: Landon LOVES these shoes. He uses them all the time on the trails around our house and when we go to the mountains.

Speaker: a few years ago I got Landon a Sonos for our living room and know he’d love another to go on our porch or upstairs. Fun fact: when he proposed, he piped music through our townhouse and played our song for me.

Projector: I’ve been looking at one of these to put outside and do movie nights by the fire pit.

Books: a few years ago, Landon asked for the Harry Potter boxed set and this year he asked for the Lord of the Rings set. I’ve read neither but they look pretty on our shelves!

Tailgating chairs: even though we’re not tailgating currently, we’ve used our chairs so much this year for sitting out by the pool and fire pit. Unfortunately, several of ours are old and need to be replaced. These look great!

Nintendo Switch: Landon mentioned this in passing as a gift idea for himself. Looks like Amazon already has it listed at the price Wal-Mart is advertising for Black Friday.

Hokies Legos: Okay, this isn’t real legos but close enough and a fun gift that can be displayed after being put together.

Men’s shirt: Landon is very into sustainable fashion and also comfy clothes since we’re apparently working from home forever (Most Novembers, I am in Boston for at least 2 weeks).

Coffee warmer: This seems unnecessary but I thought Landon might like it when he’s upstairs and on back-to-back calls. Though, I don’t think he lets his coffee get as cold as I do mine.

I plan to share Christmas book recommendations, a new one-pot meal that we all loved and small businesses to support this coming weekend. Thank you for reading. Blogging has been a good distraction during this strange year. I’m hoping everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, whatever it looks like for you. Stay safe and be well.

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