Gift Guide: Supporting Small Businesses

Here are more than 40 small businesses you can support this season — many of which are in NC!

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Each year, I like to ask a local moms group a question about what they’re loving in a certain category — eco-friendly items, local items, etc. This year, I asked what small businesses they plan on supporting on Small Business Saturday. They delivered per usual and I have quite the list to share. I’m also adding in a few of my own fave places to shop. While Amazon is easy (and frequently used in my home), small businesses have really taken a hit this year with COVID-19 and can use all the support they can get while we wait for a vaccine and leadership to pull us through this pandemic.

If you’re not signed up for Fetch Rewards yet, do it now. They scan e-receipts and you can take a picture of paper receipts to earn points and turn them into gif cards. I’ve gotten several gift cards already for doing nothing more than uploading receipts! You even get points for small shops — not just the big names — and it’s free! Sign up today and get bonus points!

Photographer: Find a local photographer and book a session or get a gift certificate for someone so they can have their own photos taken on their own time. We’ve used a plethora of photographers over the years and have plenty to recommend in the Charlotte, Chapel Hill/Raleigh/Durham area and in the Wilmington area.

Coffee Shops: gift cards to local coffee shops are great in a card or as stocking stuffers, too! Ones that were recommended were Johnny’s, La Vita Dolce and Thanks a Latte.

Ornaments: Obviously I’m a sucker for anything dog related, but this year even more so. Katie’s wooden ornaments are so adorable!

Body Scrub: I only have good things to say about Lo & Behold Naturals. I purchased several items at the airport during a long layover and fell in love with it. And when trying to travel with it, an agent at Heathrow made me throw my beloved Bergamot body scrub away. I was telling a friend the story and the owner heard me last year at a local event and gave me another bottle for free. She earned a forever customer that day! Also — this is a great deal! Buy the set and split it up between friends!

Toys: Ali Cat Toys is a local toy (and book) shop that has all of your favorite brands. You can order online — or do local pick up (you can also safely go inside with a mask if that’s your thing).

Toffee: Chapel Hill Toffee used to be my go-to gift for my people in Boston. I’m not traveling this year, but you can order online and ship — or pick up if you’re local!

Cinnamon rolls: we will 100% be getting these — and maybe gifting another tray to a friend! On a year where people may not be able to do their big celebrations — this will certainly help make the holiday mornings more special!

Candles & Honey: local honey is an all-time fave for everyone, right? This place also has candles.

Popcorn: does anyone remember those popcorn tins that were popular like 20 years ago? My paw paw always ended up with one. This makes me think of that — but also, my 3 year old would be VERY excited about this.

Book stores:

Unique gifts: some funny things, unique gifts or stocking stuffers

Running gifts: the cutest running shirts and gifts

Womens items: cute little shop in Mebane, NC.

Cross-Stitching: this is where I got my RBG cross-stitch set and their service is amazing!

Hand & Foot Print Designs: What a great gift for parents or grandparents!

Stitched Sweaters: I have been eyeing these for a while — and she’s usually giving part of proceeds to a good cause.

Good Happy Cookies: we had these over the weekend and they were divine! 10% of each order goes to Be The Match, and Hilari, the owner of GHC actually donated bone marrow a few years ago. She’s an incredible baker and the shipping was crazy fast!

Jewelry: a vintage jewelry shop in Durham, NC

Monogrammed kids clothes: this is my favorite shop for L’s monogrammed stuff

Women’s clothes: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Girl Tribe and their fun game day gear!

Paintings: a watercolor painting of someone’s home, wedding venue, or other special place is such a treasure. We gave my mom a painting a few years ago of the home she grew up in.

Wood burning gifts: maybe a painting isn’t your thing but wood is? Check this out!

Fun gifts: this shop has tons of RBG items, funny cards and good “gifty” items

CrossFit and CrossFit for kids: maybe you have someone in your life who is looking for personal training? Get them a gift certificate.

Modern furniture and goods: this is a fun little vintage shop in Mebane

Cute kid’s clothing: this is where I’ve gotten all of L’s MLK and JFK shirts

Thrift boutique: locations in Richmond, Chapel Hill and Durham

Boutique: this shop has been my go-to for my family’s gift swap game for the past few years.

More cookies: Tonya’s cookies is local to NC and apparently the pecan crisps are to die for!

ASL Blankets: a local teen is making blankets featuring American sign language themed prints.

Beachy themed items: this cute shop is in Wilmington and has the prettiest gifts!

Savage Seed: cute women’s and kid’s clothes

Hats, Scarves & More: Local designed making adorable hats, scarves and headwraps.

Hand curated boxes: they even have a box with just NC items!

Massage: here’s a local-to-Chapel Hill option, but you can also find one near you. Make sure they’re taking all the right precautions. Gift certificates with long out expiration dates are great.

Kids clothing & gifts: this is a local kid’s shop (but most places will ship!)

Pepper Jelly: what a great stocking stuffer idea!

Evelyn Henson has the cutest paintings, calendars and prints! 15% off through Monday with code “ohwhatfun15”

I’d love to know if you have favorite shops — whether local to NC or not that you’d recommend! Share links in the comments!

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