Gift Guide: For the Active One

Gifts and stocking stuffers for the active person in your life!

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Running shoes have been on many Christmas lists for me in past years. As well as hiking shoes, a Peloton (this was a dream), ear buds, running clothes and more.

Everyone who does any kind of activity could use a heart rate monitor. I have this one and mainly use it with my bike as my watch tracks my heart rate pretty accurately when running. This is also a good one that I’ve had in the past and pairs well with Garmin watches.

Every runner needs headphones, a water bottle, tanks, and warm weather gear. If you’re looking to splurge, running pants are a great option!

For stocking stuffers for runners, try gels, gummies, electrolyte tabs, socks, or anti-chaffing spread.

For bikers / spinners, my brother provided this option for very expensive padded bike shorts when I asked him how he rides for an hour+. Here’s a pair at a lower price point with great reviews. In one of my Peloton groups, these shoes came highly recommended. Size up! I also think this is a super cool accessory for spin bikes.

My brother also loves these water bottles. He’s an avid road cyclist and mountain biker. Most of his equipment will not be found on this list because I doubt the average person goes all in like he does.

Landon is a hiker and golfer (try as I have to make him a runner). For his birthday he got this awesome watch that tracks his bikes with GPS, and also tracks the weather and time so you don’t get stuck on any mountains. He also really loves these hiking shoes he got last year. Size up!

For golf, this year he requested new balls and this range finder. In past years he has asked for specific clubs. I still have the ones my step-grandfather got me years ago — the only thing I might upgrade today would be the pink bag that 23 year old me bought. Tees or club heads are a great stocking stuffer for golfers. Gift certificates to a specific course for an “experience” gift would be great too.

My SIL is a yoga teacher but I’m such a newb that I couldn’t begin to recommend yoga gear. A mat and blocks are good starting points and about all I can offer you. However, she did ask for resistance bands for Christmas this year so I can highly recommend these.

And if you’re looking to splurge, I think kayaks are back in stock. They were hard to find earlier this year when people were trying to get creative with safely getting out to do things. I got Landon a kayak 8 or so years ago for Christmas and he got me one after we moved to Chapel Hill. Can confirm they make great gifts for both a material item and ongoing experience.

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