Toddler life: Holiday activities

A few activities that we love doing together to celebrate the holidays — especially in this time where we need to be extra safe. 🎄

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Tis’ the season to be jolly but also to safely enjoy holiday activities. We’re getting creative over here as there won’t be a Santa in-person visit, a trip to the farm, cookies or brunch at Carolina Inn, no train ride at the museum…. so we’re just going to make our own magic!

We had to make a reservation to get our tree this year and they only allowed a limited number of people at a time. We wore masks (only taken off for the pic) and spent as little time as possible. It felt very safe and preserved most of the experience for us.

We always make some kind of ornament. L’s first year we did our own handprint ornament and let him paint some wooden trees and ornaments and then put his finger prints on them. Last year we did salt-dough ornaments and had a great time painting them. This year we are doing cinnamon ornaments and I also bought this kit for him to make some crafty type ornaments.

We are watching all the holiday movies. He became obsessed with The Grinch last year, and we’ve already watch it 4 times this year. We love movie night in our house and are upping the game with marshmallow snowmen in hot chocolate during the show.

We also love doing “Christmas walks” where we walk around a few streets and check out the lights.

Landon had the forethought to buy this lego wreath. L is very into legos and thought this was so cool (though to be fair, his dad did most of the putting together while he watched in awe). This tree is also cool.

Christmas cookies are a must! I used to make 5 or 6 different kinds to take to my family’s celebration but last year I just did a bunch of sugar cookies and we had fun decorating them. We love this recipe and these cookie cutters.

I always love to do a handprint (or foot) craft (in addition to the ornament because I’m extra like that) to remember how tiny he was that year. Some of our faves have been handprint wreaths on wood and handprint Santas on canvas. This year we are doing footprint reindeer. It’s also fun to give these as gifts to grandparents!

Of course we’ll be doing a gingerbread house (another option)We do on every year — well, last year we did a camper but it was the same kind of fun. I’ve already been informed my kid just wants to eat the candy not decorate but I’m confident he will change his mind when he sees the candy. He’s on team-no-gummy-candy.

We also have our advent calendar that we pull out a new piece of the nativity scene every night. It has been extra fun this year as L can see we’re getting closer to Christmas Day.

He also has this cute nativity scene my brother and sister-in-law got him last year but he’s very into tornadoes so Jerusalem keeps getting ravaged by storms and having to rebuild their barn.


Honestly, our kid is so enamored with the season that he doesn’t care whether we are spending $50 to go somewhere to do an activity or making it at home. He loves the lights and seeing presents under the tree and the feelings of the holiday. It’s different, for sure, but special just the same.

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