Book club: Toddler Winter Edition

Here are some of our favorite winter and holiday books (and a few that are shows or movies, too!).

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As promised, I’m sharing some of our favorite winter and holiday books. Yesterday, as we were talking about Hanukkah (it’s blue & white day at school), we explained some about the holiday and then I said “and people who celebrate get a present a day for 8 days.” L responded by saying “well if you want to go ahead and open one and daddy wants to open one then I will, too.” I think the point got a little missed there but it made us laugh. He’s real excited for the holidays.

He also LOVES holiday books. When we got them out last month he was so excited and each night he picks three (and then adds a fourth) to read for bed. These are some of the favorites this year:

I think I might add this one to the list so he can learn more about Hanukkah.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE reading in this house and we have several of these memorized now. We’re all very much hoping for a big snow this year so we can play like Peter in A Snowy Day (which is also a series on Amazon Prime now!) and hopefully see a plow like Small Walt.

I kept his baby version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas because I feel like we read it a million times last year and the year before and now he’s onto a “bigger boy” version. Time is bonkers. I almost have a 4 year old. 2020 was either 75 months long or 3, I’m not sure. But at least we have holiday music and books to get us through these last few weeks… and a new Taylor Swift album!

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