Travel Diaries: Blue Ridge Parkway & Western NC

A safe and socially distanced trip to the mountains of NC and one beautiful hike to a waterfall 😍

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Last month, we planned a getaway with our neighborhood besties and it was THE BEST IDEA EVER. We have loved sneaking away (safely) to the mountains this year. We are all isolating but exposed to the same germs through our kid’s preschool so we felt safe going together.

We rented an incredible house in Burnsville, NC. And learned that is it 3 hrs and 45 minutes away and not 2 hours as my maps app first told me. Apparently there are two Burnsvilles in NC. (Though, I also mistakenly looked up Dublin Ireland weather when trying to get the forecast for Dublin VA for our lake trip — so I am also probably not the one you want looking up these things!). The house was out there — no delivery, no neighbors in sight.

The house was right on the South Toe river which was cool for the boys. They also had kayaks and canoes but it was too cold for us to venture out on the water. So instead, we threw a lot of rocks in and had a fire pit.

We found a cool hike (Roaring Falls) not too far away and led us to a spectacular water fall. The hike was doable for 3 year olds and everyone got a rest break at the top.

We also drove the Blue Ridge Parkway, stopping at all the overlooks for pictures and to soak in the views.

We went to Mt. Mitchell in search of a hike but it was a tad more crowded than we expected and the “spring” we hiked to turned out to be a trickle of water. But it was fun and a pretty drive.

We didn’t go all the way to the top for the look out because of how many people were there. But it was a beautiful day and nice for a quick leg stretch before the hour drive back to the house.

Our favorite part of the house was probably the fire pit table on the back porch. We used it more than the other two fire pits. We even cooked s’mores over it!

The house was fantastic. It was well stocked, had games and a ping pong table, and there was room for everyone. We took the upstairs, our friends had the main floor and the boys shared the bunk room (6 beds!) in the basement. It also had two dishwashers which I now find necessary.

I 10/10 recommend having a change of scenery if you can — even if it’s just for a day trip. We’ve felt refreshed and some sense of normalcy doing this several times this year. I am already dreaming of when we can pack our bags again… until then, stay safe 💗

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