2020 Faves

2020 was a strange year but brought some good times, too. Here are some of my favorite things from the year we all stayed home.

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I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we’re a week away from the end of 2020. What. A. Year. Normally, I’d do a “year in review” post — and I still might — but it feels strange to not say “17 trips to Boston, 3 countries, 4 races, etc”… so I need to think a little more about what to include. But this post is easy… favorites in 2020.

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Favorite trip:

  • Grand Cayman has to take the cake here. So glad and grateful we got to go on that one last adventure before the world shut down.
  • I also loved our trips to the mountains (here and here) and beach.

Favorite books: I get most of my books via Book of the Month club and absolutely love it!

Favorite Movie:

The last movie we saw in theaters was Frozen II, but I think I’ve enjoyed some older movies during our family movie nights this year.

  • Up
  • Coco
  • The Grinch (currently watching for the millionth time)

Fave podcast:

  • The Office Ladies (I love long runs on Wednesdays to listen)
  • An Oral History of The Office

Favorite TV Shows:

  • Schitt’s Creek (we started last year but finished this year) and I’ve re-watched it 2 times since
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Flea Bag (we binged this and are REALLY hoping PWB decides to make more)

Fave Peloton Classes: I hit 100 rides this year (super close to 200 now) and am so thankful to have had this bike when gyms shut down and especially when I broke my toe.

  • Hamilton ride (this is not new but I took it this year)
  • Cody’s Britney ride
  • 45-Min Turkey Trot (outdoor run)
  • Dolly Ride
  • Alex & Tunde’s Black History Month ride

Fave skin products: (post coming soon on this per my friend’s recommendation but these have done the most for my skin in 2020)

Fave hair products:

Fave recipes:

There were a lot of things I didn’t like about this year. Not seeing friends and family. Losing our best doggie. Missing out on our trip to Banff. A scary bout of the flu for L in January. Not getting to eat at Parrish Cafe in Boston. Both of my big races being canceled (it didn’t matter after all since I was sick before the first one and had a broken toe for the 2nd one).

But then there are so many magical things that happened this year that we might not have done if we hadn’t been trapped in a house with each other. Our own blow up pool in the backyard was a treat, science experiments and art for days, miles and miles of hiking together… we got to watch our “little” boy grow up so much and we got to spend countless more hours with Tucker.

I’m thankful for our health this year and that we’ve managed to stay safe throughout the pandemic. I’m hopeful that next year will be different and we’ll be able to have gatherings — even if small — with friends and family and do so safely. I can’t wait to meet my cousin’s new baby. I hope one day I’ll go back to Boston — though realistically that won’t be until 2022. My fingers and toes are crossed that we’ll be able to go on a trip but as long as we stay healthy, I’ll be happy — even at home. Happy Christmas Eve Eve.

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