Here’s to 2021

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We kicked off the new year at the beach and it was so refreshing. We just snuck away for 3 nights and took all of our own food as we had been doing on other trips (with the exception of one steam pot with seafood we bought there).

It was low key and the perfect way for us to start the year. I’m personally excited for news about vaccines becoming available and look forward to folks getting them so we can engage normally once again. We’ll be at the bottom of the list but at least parents and grandparents can start being protected.

We’re hopeful we’ll travel this year but not counting on it. We still have a hotel reservation in Banff that got moved from 2020. It might just be small trips again and we’d be ok with that.

We didn’t really do resolutions this year. Landon is doing dry January (I rarely drink so most months are dry for me). He wants to ride the Peloton more this year. I do too, and to work more on longer runs. My longest run last year was 7 miles. I did my first run of the year today and it was 4 easy miles. Speaking of the Peloton, my code is working again — if you’re investing it in this year, this will get you $100 off shoes/mat/etc.

Hoping we can be more intentional about our time together this year — 2020 was just about survival and sometimes that meant someone going to bed at 8 pm or someone at midnight. We did manage to watch Fleabag and the last season of Schitts Creek last year, hoping we can find a few good ones this year. Speaking of going to bed, my new goal is bed by 9:30 and alarm for 6:30. Not perfect yet, but we’ll get there and I’d like to bump 6:30 back to 6 eventually but baby steps. I slept til 8:45 this weekend.

This year is going to be a good one. Breathing positivity into the air around us. If you have recommendations for shows that will make us laugh, please leave them in the comments. That’s the vibe I’m looking for in 2021. Cheers!

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