We got a puppy!

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You may know that in the last two years, we lost both of our dogs, Bud & Tucker, and it was terrible. They were such huge parts of our lives (Tucker was even part of Landon’s proposal) and we were heartbroken to say goodbye. We’d had them for almost 16 and 14 years and it was hard to imagine having any other dog.

Ideally, we would have gotten another dog after losing Bud but we thought Tucker wouldn’t handle it well so we opted not to pursue adoption at that time. But once our house was dog-less, it was too quiet and I missed the presence of a furry creature in the house. We decided to think about it at the beginning of 2021. As in 15 days into the year…

We are 3 weeks in and he’s 13 weeks old and we have a lot of thoughts. It’s still hard for me to comprehend that he’s not Tucker. He’s active and has sharp teeth and occasionally growls when he plays (so much that I told Landon I think he is part gremlin). Apparently Tucker was just an angel puppy — which I could have told you and I lucked out with him. I’m told our new guy acts a lot like Bud when he was a puppy — and I think that’s great. Bud was an incredible, brilliant dog who never ceased to make me laugh.

L is very happy with his new puppy and has told us several times “it’s really nice to have a puppy.” We are all really happy with him — most times — maybe not at 4 am but he is super sweet and cuddly, loves to play fetch which makes L giggle uncontrollably, and he has already figured out how to use his doggie doorbell when he needs to go outside.

We have iterated on his name which is ultimately Mo but officially now Gizmo (hence my prior gremlin reference). We weren’t necessarily looking for an 11 lb. puppy but we’ll keep him! Welcome to the fam, good boy!

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