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I have a habit of swiping up on things — sometimes just to check the post and sometimes to buy it right away. These are some of my faves!

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Raise your hand if you’ve swiped up on Instagram and bought something that some recommends? Or maybe you got sucked into an ad on Facebook. Yeah, I’ve done that, too.

I thought I’d share some of my recently influenced purchases — the good and the bad.

I try a lot of Kathleen Jenning’s beauty recommendations. I started with using the PTR Rose Stem Cell mask and the water drench moisturizer but couldn’t pass up this set when it went on sale. I really like the cucumber mask here too — but found the mud mask too drying. Overall, I love almost everything I’ve purchased from Peter Thomas Roth and I’m very sad that the Rose Stem Cell mask was discontinued.

All of these influencers were sharing their Abercrombie and Fitch jeans and I got sucked in since I’d been looking for a lot of distressed jeans and didn’t love the ones I got from Madewell. These def have less of a “mom jean” feel but are also close to being jeggings because they are so stretchy. They suggested sizing up so I got a 29 but they’re slightly big after wearing them for the day so a 28 would have been fine. Also, it was suggested if you’re short to buy the “short” length. They’re fine but def hit at the ankle and I usually prefer longer jeans but they’ll be cute for spring. Watch for sales on these — they do a lot of BOGO sales. Hilarious side note: Landon asked if I was trying to be 17 again when he saw the A&F box.

This one might be TMI but Kait Hanson did a whole post about it and I had to try. It’s $22 and does make your skin soft. You could probably achieve the same softness with exfoliating and a good lotion but this does have glycolic acid in it to help with the smoothness.

The frugal person in me had a really hard time splurging on this serum but it’s so worth it. I’d seen tons of bloggers share it but my friend Katie is who really convinced me. She also shared some sites that had sales and I did my own digging and used Rakuten (if you haven’t signed up, you get $20 cash back after you spend $20!) to get like 12% cash back or something like that. I ordered in early-mid October and still have about 1/4 of the bottle left so it lasts and breaks down to $30-ish dollars a month but is a shock at the onset.

I don’t even remember where I first saw Rothy’s but I was intrigued by these washable shoes made from recycled bottles. And let me tell you, they have not disappointed. I have seven pairs now and they are basically the only shoes I wear. When the navy sneakers come back in stock I plan to also make those mine. The sneakers are my faves and then the loafers, then the flats and last place for me are the points. Use this for $20 off your first pair!

Boll & Branch sheets were an upgrade from our previous Amazon sheets that I was also influenced to purchase. Don’t get me wrong, we loved the Amazon sheets — in fact, my dear husband has requested I put them back on the bed because he doesn’t like the color of the Boll & Branch sheets. It reminds him of his days as a consultant and sleeping on hotel sheets 4 nights a week — but they are so comfy and aren’t going anywhere. But we kept his precious Amazon sheets for back-ups. Madi Nelson had a great discount code around Black Friday that sold them for me. You can get 10% off by signing up for emails!

Quay sunglasses were a bust for me. I thought these aviators would be cute and influencers seem to be either in the Quay camp or Diff camp — but I feel a bit bug like when I wear them. I’ve been happier with these that I got from Amazon.

I am LOVING my Billie razor. I’ve had it since last fall — after being influenced by Lauren Bown — and receive a shipment of new razor heads (and face wipes) every other month. It has a fun little magnet that you stick in your shower and I also got the travel case for whenever travel is a thing again. It’s only $9 and works REALLY well.

I ordered a new Gimme beauty brush for fine hair and hair ties and so far I’m happy. Not sure it’s much different than other brushes I’ve used but it works!

Lemon Stripes turned me onto Dudley Stephens but my friend Kathleen convinced me I should get one. I really like the style she has though, so if I ever get another one it’ll be the cobble hill like hers (it’s longer and has pockets!). Use this code for $25 off!

I have been using Tula for over a year. Not sure which blogger got me to take the first plunge, maybe Krista Horton, but lots of them use it and there’s always a discount code. If I had to choose just one thing it would be the cult classic cleanser.

Go Clean Co has influenced me to buy a million things and clean more than ever before (have you checked your dishwasher filter lately?!). My spin mop is my favorite though and now that we have a puppy again, I greatly enjoy the thrill it brings to see that dirty water being dumped and knowing I got that off my floors.

My friend Julie influenced me to get stainless steel straws a while back. They’re obviously better for the environment than plastic straws and 100% toddler approved.

Lots of influencers were sharing their scales this summer — ones that read body fat and metabolic age. I clicked the link and quickly noticed the price — I’d never pay $100+ for a scale. But I found a similar version for $25ish and we’ve been super happy with it!

Headbands were all the rave this summer and I invested in a few — or five, lol. My friend Michelle shared her fave local shop and I got several from J. Crew.

Our Ninja died this summer and I’d been watching Reese Witherspoon make her green smoothies every morning so I started looking at the Vitamix. Landon was skeptical at first but believes in it now that our smoothies have no chunks of greens in them. Full disclosure on this, I had a hefty gift card from an award at work that contributed to the purchase of a $300+ kitchen appliance.

My friend Becca influenced me to get the Sweat app again. I’ve been doing the lifting programs and enjoying them. I love the app and the workouts. Here’s a 7-day trial if you want to check it out.

I purchased a Barefoot Dreams blanket just before Christmas and love how cozy it is. I’ve had one of their cardigans for years and it’s definitely one of the softest pieces of clothing I own. The puppy definitely agrees it was a good purchase.

My massage gun is one of my favorite gifts ever! I tried one out in a running store and saw several runners that I follow recommending them and then I got one for my birthday last year. It is SO good after long runs or hard workouts. I can definitely tell a difference when I use it and in how I recover from those workouts.

Most recently I ordered the Our Place pan. They’re all over Instagram and my friend Kathleen ordered one and recommended it. We got the green one which ships in late February. Use that link for $20 off!

What’s the best thing you’ve been influenced to buy? Worst? I feel like I’m always swiping up on things but it usually takes me a few times of seeing something before I take the plunge.

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