Last minute Easter baskets

It’s not too late to snag some fun things for your kiddo’s Easter basket!

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This might be the first year that I’ve been ahead of the game on Easter. I already have everything for L’s basket and am patting myself on the back for that. My friend Steph said I should do a blog and give ideas for anyone who is trying to get things together before April 4. You still have time if you’re hoping to have things shipped but don’t wait too long.

I don’t think you have to go over the top. Honestly, my kid will mostly be excited for eggs in the yard. I do have a few staples that always go on Easter baskets and that’s pajamas and something chocolate. I found these adorable truck chocolates at Target and also snagged a bunny.

For pajamas, I splurged a bit on these bamboo + gingham jammies (~$30 price range). They are SO SOFT. I need a pair in my size. They shipped super fast and I know he will love them.

I discovered (with my bestie, Kathleen) a really cute store that’s in Raleigh and grabbed this wooden RV toy from there. We have a station wagon like this that we got in Grand Cayman last year. It will be the fave in the basket for sure.

Books are a go-to gift for me. L has already asked if we have Easter books (and we do have a few: Mater & the Easter Buggy, Pete the Cat Easter and God gave us Easter) but I went ahead and grabbed this Easter Cat book for his basket. It looks fun! I also picked up this Tiny T Rex book because we are super into dinos.

I had to get this stretchy astronaut. Next to dinos, we love space the most. And as a kid, I LOVED my brother’s stretch Armstrong toy so I *think* L will think this is cool (just have to keep it away from the puppy).

Last item is flash cards. I snagged this at target too (dollar section) — $1 each and I picked dinosaurs, money and presidents. A couple will be a little old for him to really understand but I know he will like looking at them anyway and since he is a little sponge, he will at least absorb some of it.

I do have one more thing ordered — a shirt with a pointer on it with bunny ears and I got our nephew one with a Boston terrier. They’ll be together on Easter so they’ll be super cute in their puppy-bunny matching shirts.

If I had discovered (or thought of) these few other things earlier, I may have also included them:

I also tossed in this little bunny that hops around because I’m totally an impulse buyer and it felt very Easter-y. He will love it. For the most part, he’s getting things he will be able to use for a while and might even help him learn something new.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite videos ever — his first Easter basket with a chocolate bunny and he had no idea what it was.

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