Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching! Here are some of my favorite things and gift ideas if you’re still looking…

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Mother’s day is less than TWO weeks away. Not only are we in 2021, but it seems to be flying by. I would normally love to go to a fun brunch, lunch or dinner to celebrate but we’re still playing it safe (even though we’ve had both of our vaccinations now! woot woot!). So I compiled some other gift ideas for the mom(s) in your life, in case you can’t be with them or can’t go out to celebrate this year. PS, at home brunch or ordered in from True Flavors would be A-okay with me!

Two of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts have been my magnolia tree for my 1st one and a huge blue hydrangea for another. Hydrangeas are my love language and now we have several right outside of our window that brighten my day each time I catch a glimpse. I don’t think you can go wrong with plants — peonies would be high on that list, too!

Cozy jammies are also my love language. I don’t even want to admit how many sets of Lake Pajamas I have — but it’s more than enough. I was eyeing the new JB collab but honestly didn’t NEED anymore pajamas. However, I 10/10 recommend them for everyone. I know they’re a splurge but they’ll last and they’re soooo comfy. They have all different styles too. My faves are the short sets, I have both long sleeve and short sleeve but I did get a pair of cropped pants (which are pant-pants on me) and am a big fan of those, too.

If you want to give her a spa experience without the actual spa, I am LOVING my new face steamer. It’s a reasonable price and a great tool to have in the linen closet. I love to use it a couple times a week and just have those few extra minutes to relax and feel pampered. I’m also still enjoying my PMD face cleaner. I use it daily and my face feels so clean!

You can’t go wrong with jewelry for Mother’s Day — and there’s a variety of price ranges. It’s the thought that counts but getting something that is quality and they can use for years to come is important, too. Here are a few of my personal favorites — I have the necklaces and pearl earrings:

Silhouette Necklace | Pearl Earrings (I’m in love with these!) | Letter Necklace | Ring | Bracelet

For a real splurge, an Apple Watch would be a great gift. I personally don’t have one but look at them quite often. I have a Garmin running watch that does a lot of the same things but I cannot respond to texts on it and it doesn’t connect with things like my Peloton.

I love my silhouette necklace but also think one of these would be beautiful framed in your (my) home. There may not be time to have this ready by Mother’s Day but definitely a good gift. A session for heirloom portraits with JJ Horton would be great, too!

Everyone loves a blanket and Chappy Wraps are supposed to be fantastic. I have been eyeing this one. I also have a Barefoot Dreams blanket that we love and this one that is very similar to the BD one from Anthropologie.

A few bloggers that I follow have shared their Stoney Clover bags and I think they are just the cutest. It would be so fun to do one that says “MAMA” or include her monogram on a make up back or even a clear back to include things that need to stay dry when you go to the pool or beach!

This will be a controversial item (and normally I’m team #nocleaningsupplies for gifts) but we just got a robot vacuum and it is incredible. We are all mesmerized by it — well, except maybe not the puppy. It does SUCH a great job and helps us not have to do so much vacuuming each day. This is the one we got and here’s something awesome — click this link and there’s a $30 coupon you can clip to bring the price down from $219 and THEN you can use code EUFYSLIM for an extra $40 off! RUN, DON’T WALK!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t add my beloved Rothy’s to the list. The sneakers are my absolute favorites and I wear them every single day. They’re so comfy. I pulled out my loafers a few times this month though, felt like I wanted to be maybe a little more polished for school drop off those days (lol). Use this referral link for $20 off your (or your mom’s!) first pair, you won’t regret it!

Big fan of this adorable ‘Mama’ shirt too and there’s a coupon for $3 off. I also order L a shirt every year that says Mama’s Boy. He’ll probably get one when he goes off to college, too. I got this year’s from Wild Little Things and prior years from River Babe Threads.

Maybe my most favorite gift of all is those handmade ones — especially with hand and footprints. I love looking back at how little my guy’s tiny hands were and those itty bitty feet. Some pottery places have great coffee mug or plate options where they’ll glaze the items and they’ll last forever. You can never go wrong with a gift like that!

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