It’s been a while

A little family update on the last few months

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Oof. It has been a while since I sat down to blog and share anything about our life or what we’re loving now. so here we are with a quick update and then I promise some regular updates throughout the rest of the year and maybe even a gift guide if I can get my life together. I’m currently nursing my first cold in almost 2 years and it has knocked me on my bottom.

We had a random bounce house / ice cream party with 5 friends to kick off back-to-school for our pre-K kiddos. It was fun for the kids and parents and now my child is completely obsessed with bounce houses at every party.

We planned a last minute beach trip at the end of September/beginning of October and had a blast. The weather was great. It was a new-to-us beach and we really loved it. Plus, Mo got to go and he also loves the beach.

We did soccer this summer/fall and also swim lessons. It was amazing to see our little guy develop in both areas. He especially became more confident in the pool which was great for my anxiety.

The boys made quite the “bug” collection from their findings while hiking and camping.

Mo and I have spent a ton of time at the dog park. He lives for getting to go each day. He’s unfortunately also sick right now with kennel cough. Let me tell you, giving cough medicine to a dog is as much fun as petting a cobra.

Speaking of Mo… he really loved the beach. At Sunset Beach we had an incredible experience and got to watch baby turtles hatching. Liam even got to name two of them: Ava and Bingo. It was so cool and then just as we turned to release them into the water, we saw meteors shooting across the sky. The chances of seeing both of these things at the same time is wildly low, we should have probably played the lottery afterwards.

We’ve been doing lots of bike rides and working hard on going up all the hills in our neighborhood.

We got our COVID boosters and are so thankful for science and that we’ll be able to get our little guy a shot in 2022.

We played a lot this summer at the new splash pad in town. They also built a really cool park that the kids loved.

We celebrated 8 years of marriage this summer, almost two of which have had us in the house together constantly so I’d say we’re doing pretty well.

We just spent 5 days at Bald Head Island (which will get its own post) for an early Thanksgiving. The weather was fantastic and L declared it his new favorite place.

All in all, things are good. We are working on a few home projects (like painting the bathroom I started wallpapering and then Landon decided he didn’t like the wallpaper) and rearranging L’s playroom with some bigger kid items (and decluttering as much as possible). Looking forward to some quiet time over the holidays and one more little getaway for the year!

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