Holiday Wish List

Some things I really love or WOULD really love to have in my life. Most things are on sale, find your discounts!

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Every year, I have to think long and hard about what to ask for over the holidays (and my birthday which is a month later). Meanwhile, my child created his list on 12/26 of last year and has added to it daily since. I’m basically his personal elf when it comes to making sure things are on his list. For anyone who is like me and struggles to come up with ideas, here are a few things I love and have had on my list in the past or have on it this year:

Rothys: hands down the best shoes you will find. I love the sneakers so much but wore the loafers most often in the office. Here’s $20 off on your first pair!

Robot vacuum: we got this over the summer and love it. We run it quite often and it does an excellent job. It has a remote also, in case you need to direct it to a certain spot where a child dumped crumbs or a puppy tore up some tissue. Try code EUFYSLIM for $40 off.

PMD Face Cleaner: I use this daily (with my Revision Brightening Cleanser) and love how smooth it makes my face feel.

Lake Pajamas: it may seem extreme to spend this amount of money on pajamas but I seriously love them so much and rotate through my pairs regularly. They’re so comfy!

Our Place pan: we have had ours for about a year now and use it just about daily. I added a 2nd one to my list this year so I can do a few different items at once! It’s so pretty and holds up well if you take care of it.

Bearaby blanket: I sleep with this every night. I have the 20 lb. one and it is perfect (and not hot!). 10/10 recommend if you’re looking for a weighted blanket. It’s not cheap but it looks beautiful and will last forever.

Instax Mini Camera: I love this thing and we have so much fun grabbing a few shots every now and then. L thinks the tiny Polaroids are so fun.

Athleta sweatshirt: this is so soft and I wear it all the time. I have 3 colors so it’s easy to rotate.

Ted Lasso mugs: I have both the Ted and the Roy mugs and I love them equally. I got the larger size because I’m extra like that.

Bombas or Balega socks: I can always use new socks and these are my faves for walking, running, hiking!

My Patagonia pullover: of all my Patagonia pieces, this is what I reach for most often. It’s so cozy! I definitely wouldn’t mind this in a second color.

Anything from Skin by Blair: I use the tonic daily but have also been eyeing the Creme de la Blair and the bakuchiol. She’s having a sale starting at midnight on Thursday and releasing a new product!

Massage gun: I’ve had mine for almost 2 years now and I love it. It is so helpful after a hard run or even when Mo hurt my back earlier this summer.

Face lift in a bag: This is a great stocking stuffer!

Granted, I already have most of these things but I can say 100% that I love them. I’ve also been eying a pair of Vega shoes and a new bag (though I can’t decide what brand!). I’ve also emailed the Peloton tread to Landon no less than 5 times. Do we think he got the hint? He DID surprise me with the bike a few years ago so it would only be fitting…

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