Bye January

January was a fun and busy month for our family! Here’s the wrap up…

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Well, no surprise here but I missed blogging completely in January. It was a busy month — starting off with New Year’s at the beach with our parents.

Then we celebrated Mo’s one year adopt-iversary. He’s still the same stubborn, playful puppy that needs vigorous exercise but he has decided that laying on the couch near his people isn’t so terrible.

We celebrated two birthdays with lots of cake and presents and a trip to Asheville for the weekend. And L got to take his new suitcase that he got for Christmas.

We hiked to a beautiful waterfall and decided that each month this year we’ll do a special family hike and look for waterfalls.

We resumed swim lessons and our little fish moved up a level. The difference in his confidence and abilities in the pool are night and day from a year ago. We are so proud and happy with all that he’s learned.

We also got snow twice in January which was fun and gave us the chance to take our boy sledding for the first time.

We did this dinosaur dig kit on one of our snow days and it was a great activity that took up a lot of time and kept the kiddo quiet for a bit. We also played with this anatomy kit which was fun for learning about body parts and what our bodies look like inside.

I read 4 books in January and this was my favorite. We did a lot of clearing out the clutter in our house and donated like 6 bags of clothes plus 3 bags of clothes packed up for a friend who adopted a baby boy.

It was a busy month but fun and lots of good memories made. Looking forward to warmer weather and longer days in coming months!

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