Two Weeks Until Mother’s Day

Some tried and true items for the moms in your life!

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Hey kids and dads, this is your heads up that you have exactly TWO weeks until Mother’s Day and if you haven’t gotten that special mom in your life something, now’s the time. Here are a few things that I’m loving. Normally, I’d say you can’t go wrong with plants but on year six of living in our house, I think we may have actually filled all the open spots in the yard over the last few years.

Here’s a comprehensive list that hits at all price points and styles for the moms in your life:

  1. Vana Chupp Necklace or Silhouette: It’s probably actually too late to order this for this year but I wear my necklace with L’s silhouette every single day. It is a treasure. Other jewelry I love: By Vivian Drew is a new fave. I have the lilac studs but am crushing on these gold flower earrings. I sadly recently found out I’m allergic to my Julie Vos earrings and have had to stop wearing them (I do love this bee bangle though!)
  2. Swimsuit: If you know her size, a quality swimsuit is a great option since summer is approaching. I love this option from Boden!
  3. Photo session: You can’t go wrong booking a photo session for mom — whether it’s the whole family or an heirloom session for the kids. The pictures will be priceless to her.
  4. Lake Pajamas are always a good idea! I don’t even know how many pairs I have at this point but they are my absolute favorites and I wear them every night. I’ve even bought some for the kids. I do LOVE this lilac set though!
  5. Massage / Pedicure / Facial: I’m a big fan of gifts of time (and eliminating clutter) so mom can do something for herself. I have a massage booked in a couple weeks that I got for my birthday and I’m eyeing a facial with Sheila soon.
  6. Skin care: a bundle from Skin by Blair is a GREAT idea. I use the tonic and backuchiol every day. Other lines I like are Skinceuticals, Revision and Peter Thomas Roth.
  7. Rothy’s: it’s no secret how much I love my Rothy’s. Sadly, I think my feet are growing with my pregnancy so I’m likely going to have to size up and replace my current pairs. My friend Emily said she’s loving the lace up sneakers so those are next on my list. Though I think my slip on sneakers will always be my favorites! I’m also loving my Rothy’s tote that I got earlier this year. It’s so light and great for travel! ($20 off if you use the link above)
  8. Weezie Bath robe: I treated myself to this for my birthday this year and it is one of my FAVORITE purchases. I *love* the short sleeves which help keep me cool when I’m getting ready, it has pockets so I can tuck my phone in there or hair clips, and the tie stays in place. The fabric is towel like so it also helps dry you off. 10/10 recommend! ($25 off if you use the link above!)
  9. Apple Watch: one of the pricier options but definitely something she’ll use every day. I love mine for tracking my steps, responding to texts, checking the weather on the go, and using for my alarm — the gentle buzzing on my arm is much better than a loud sound from my phone.
  10. Photo calendar: I have a tradition of giving Landon one of these each Christmas, and this year I got one, too. It’s so fun to see pics of our little guy each month (or of the whole family) and a thoughtful but inexpensive gift. Plus it’s not too late to order this and have it arrive in time for Mother’s Day.
  11. Glasses: I love having cocktails or even serving water out of these when we have folks over for dinner. They have a timeless look but aren’t the type of glass you’d be heartbroken over if one got dropped.
  12. Massager: I love my massage gun after tough workouts and big runs but I’ve also been eyeing this one that is for back/shoulder pain.
  13. Peloton Treadmill: just in case my husband is reading this (lol) the treadmill remains high on my dream list — and I’m sure other mom’s would love it too. Comment below or send me an email and I can send you a $100 off code.
  14. Stanley 40 oz. mug: these are all the rage these days and sold out many places. I got a different brand (Reduce) and it does the trick — it keeps ice frozen for 24 hours in the cup and keeps your drink cold — AND they fit in your car’s cupholder. Perfect for summer!
  15. Pottery/ceramics: I love a good ‘handmade’ gift especially ceramics with hand or footprints on them — Glazed Expectations is our go-to in this area and it’s not too late to go this week and have it fired before 5/8. Our babies are only this little once! Also a big fan of these vases and mugs for mom.
Proof of my love of Lake Pajamas
The best robe!

I’d also love a good brunch for Mother’s Day. I’ve been obsessing over lemon ricotta pancakes lately and those sound fantastic.

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