About Me

I started this blog in 2016 when we moved to Chapel Hill, NC so our families could keep up with our life (and our pregnancy).

Now, I share about all the things that are in my brain on any given day. Mostly toddler activities, our travels, products we love (have you seen my spin mop?) and quick meals or treats.

These days look a bit different since we’re both working from home and our toddler has was home for 6 months with us. We try to do “fun” things as much as possible and I share them here in hopes it gives you ideas.

I read at least a book a week and keep a comprehensive list for no purpose but making sure I don’t re-order the same one. I’m very much over cooking right now but I pretty much always have ingredients for banana chocolate chip muffins on hand and recently made a toddler approved strawberry daiquiri recipe. If that’s your thing, then you’ve found the right blog!

A little more about me:

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, I’d pick: buffalo wings (or just anything I can use as a vessel to get buffalo sauce in my mouth).

Favorite ice cream: coffee chip

Biggest fears: quicksand and the Bermuda Triangle. Just kidding, probably spiders. Or accidentally eating ketchup.

Favorite movies: Step Brothers. Lion. Ps I Love You. Little Black Book. Toy Story. First Wives Club. Me Before You. Four Christmases. 40 Year Old Virgin. The Hollars.

Favorite music: Deer Tick. Nathaniel Rateliff. Taylor Swift. Lord Huron. Adele. White Stripes. Lizzo. Dave Matthews Band. The Head and the Heart. Cold War Kids.

What always makes me cry: The episode where Jim proposes to Pam. The episode where Michael proposes to Holly. The episode where Michael says goodbye. When Patrick sings “Simply the Best” to David. The episode when Patrick and David get married. (This question could also double as what are my favorite TV shows)

If I were a TV character, I would be… I’d like to say Blair Waldorf or Alicia Florrick but I’m much more a mix of Elaine Benes’ dance moves, Pam Beesly’s office flirting and sass, Leslie Knope’s drive when she knows what she wants and Lorelai Gilmore’s dramatic life / always 5 minutes late.

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Thanks for reading, friend! 💗