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Toddler Life: Crafty Caterpillar

I stashed away a couple egg cartons a few weeks ago and started talking to L about making caterpillars. He’s very into bugs right now so this was exciting for him (or should I say “egg-citing”?!). 😂 I told him we could paint them rainbow colors if he wanted (he did) and put eyes and

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Best Quarantine Purchases

The best (under $30) purchases we’ve made to entertain our toddler during this coronavirus quarantine so we can get some work done, help him learn and all try to stay sane.

My 6 week challenge

I signed up for the FASTer Way to Fat Loss on 12/31 so that I can really focus on my nutrition at the start of the year. I previously had the luck of metabolism that let me eat whatever I wanted (like that 22-year old diet of buffalo wings, ice cream and chips & salsa

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Fall Fun

While I am sad (so sad) to see summer go, I will not miss the 90 degree days and 700% humidity that comes with it. Summer will always be my favorite season as it brings vacation, beach time, ice cream, pool days and so much outside time. But, I love the comfort of fall. I

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Travel Diaries: Ireland – Full Recap

Our trip to Ireland was beautiful, fun, exciting and exhausting all at the same time! As I mentioned in our New York post, we realized very quickly just how much we rely on our parents, daycare and our babysitter to help with our toddler. He is so much fun at this age but also needs lots

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