Tag: 30 weeks pregnant

Showering Baby W

My sweet cousin, Katie, threw us the most adorable baby shower with family and a few friends in Virginia a few weekends ago. My family never ceases to amaze me with their generosity – and this was no exception! My belly really popped just before the baby shower so it looked like I had stuffed

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30 week Update

I can’t believe we’re already at 30 weeks! Only 10 left if we go all the way to baby boy’s due date! I finished my last work trip this past week and it left me tired and swollen (even with the use of compression socks!). LW and I both got home Thursday night only to

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Glucose Tolerance Test 2.0

On Friday, I did the 3-hour GTT at my doctor’s office after fasting since 8 PM the night before. I think fasting is the worst form of torture there could ever be – especially for pregnant women. I arrived at 8:30 AM and this time they remembered to draw my blood in advance of me

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