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Staying safe on social media

I deleted almost 2k followers on Instagram to be more safe on social media.

A Letter to My Son for His 1st Birthday

“Of all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you” The moment I met you, my heart grew a million times. It filled with more love than I thought humanly possible. But I loved you even before I met you. The moment we found out we were having a baby, I

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A year here 

August 26th marked one year of living in Chapel Hill. We still answer “yes” when people ask if we are from Charlotte. Afterall, we spent almost a decade calling the Queen City home.  We also still miss Charlotte. Me more than Landon, but we can both agree that we miss the conveniences of shopping and

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6 months! 

Our sweet boy has already been with us for half a year! It’s flown by, even though we’ve had many slow and lazy days just cuddling on the couch!  Milestones for 6 months:  Sitting up on his own  Says “mama” “dada” “hello” and we’re pretty sure he’s also said “hot dog” and “butthole” 😂 Started

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5 Months! 

I have been a bad blogger… but only because I’ve been such a busy mama lately. Liam is 5 months old, sitting on his own, army crawling and completely obsessed with his doggies.  Tucker believes Liam is throwing his toy for him so he brings it back to him and stares until he throws it

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