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Body Back (not yet) 

During my pregnancy, I joined Fit4Mom‘s Fit4Baby program. Admittedly, I could have (and wish I would have) done this earlier. I loved having other moms who were in the same preggo boat with me to work out with, ask questions of and just talk to about what was to come. Many of us were first time

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I was warned by a couple friends when I was pregnant that mommy groups can we super competitive and to avoid them. I definitely didn’t want to compete with other mamas but I needed a #momsquad. I needed to talk to people who were in the same boat as me. And frankly, I needed friends

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Fit Pregnancy

I’ve shared a few times in the past about how I had envisioned being this fit pregnant lady who ran, lifted and sculpted her way through growing a tiny human, and then first trimester sickness hit and that all went out the window. I tried to run again once the sickness passed and it just

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