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Baby’s First Thanksgiving

We actually celebrated Thanksgiving twice this year – once with each family! My in-laws hosted the weekend before Thanksgiving, which was a good test run on how L would eat. I whipped up a batch of sweet potatoes with cinnamon and almond milk for him and sautéed some green beans with garlic and mushrooms and

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Our adventures as pescatarians 

Late this summer, we decided to alter our diet to be pescatarian. This was a bit tough because my love for buffalo wings is strong and Landon loves to eat all the duck/rabbit/lamb/<insert other precious baby animals here>. Also, I grew up on a beef farm so red meat has always been a big part

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Baby Led Mess Making

It’s hard to believe that L is already eating solid foods, but here we are! Before he arrived, I was set on making my own purees but in our prepared childbirth class, they recommended baby led weaning (BLW). I started reading about it after he was born and quickly knew that’s the path I wanted

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Chowing Down in Chapel Hill

We’ve still been trying to eat at one new place each week to figure out where our new go-to spots will be before baby boy arrives – I’m not going to lie though, it’s tough when LW is on the road all week and our weekends are so busy. Often times we end up at

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Finding new spots

Discovering new favorite spots for dinner and date nights!